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You're the Pundit: Mac Pro refresh or graceful finale?

When it comes to forecasting the next big thing, we turn to our secret weapon: the TUAW braintrust. We put the question to you and let you have your go at it. Today's topic is the Mac Pro. As Apple moves briskly towards the post-PC future, does the tower Mac make the trip? We've covered the Mac ...

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Apple might top Intel in mobile processor shipments by year-end

Watch out, Intel. That Apple-shaped company in your rear-view mirror is closer than you think, and according to In-Stat, could pass you in terms of mobile processor shipments by the end of 2012. What's really amazing is that Apple wasn't even in the mobile processor business until 2007. In 20...

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Optical cables for Thunderbolt coming in 2012

The cabling for Apple and Intel's next-generation peripheral interconnect will be getting an upgrade this year, says IDG. Thunderbolt optical cables will be shipping in 2012, according to Intel; current cabling for TB is all copper-based. The PCI-based Thunderbolt technology has always included opt...

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Intel website leaks full Ivy Bridge lineup

Intel apparently slipped and briefly posted a Spring product list that outed 17 desktop chips and 11 notebook chips. Many of these chips were listed in an earlier leak and could land in Mac and PC hardware this year. The PDF document was pulled from Intel's website, but not before the list was gra...

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Thunderbolt PC motherboards on the way for Q2

DigiTimes reports that Intel plans to "fully release" Thunderbolt technology in April of 2012, and that many "top-tier PC vendors" are readying Thunderbolt-ready motherboards. Apple has shipped Thunderbolt-compatible devices, including the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, iMac, the Thunderbol...

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Ivy Bridge Mobile CPUs supposedly ready for MacBook Pro, Air

A report at VR-Zone has the details on Intel's next generation Core i7 and Core i5 processors. As the successor to Sandy Bridge, these Ivy Bridge processors will likely land in the 2012 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Looking closely at the CPU specs, we can get a sneak peek at Apple's future notebo...

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Ultrabook manufacturers look to plastic as Apple commandeers supplies

Intel's new "Ultrabook" initiative designed to help PC manufacturers churn out MacBook Air clones has hit a snag. According to Digitimes, Apple has gobbled up almost all of the available capacity for producing unibody aluminum parts, which it uses to build the chassis for its notebooks. Product...

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Intel says Mac Thunderbolt ports will support optical cables

While currently-shipping Thunderbolt cables and peripherals are still running over copper, Macworld reports that Intel has confirmed that current Thunderbolt ports in Apple's latest Macs will support data transfer over optical cables. Back when it was known as Light Peak, Thunderbolt was orig...

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Apple PC competitors request price drop from Intel

Intel is facing increasing pressure from its retail partners to lower the price of its upcoming line of Ultrabook notebooks, according to a report from Digitimes. Manufacturers like Acer are now asking Intel to reduce the cost of the CPU to help lower the final price of the device. Recently, In...

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Popularity of the MacBook Air to limit early Ultrabook production

Intel and its manufacturing partners are gearing up to launch its line of Ultrabooks, a thin notebook that'll compete with the MacBook Pro. Instead of a blow-out launch, a report from Digitimes suggests companies like Lenovo, Asus and Acer are taking a more conservative approach. Ultrabook ma...

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TUAW looks back at Stevenotes past

As Apple watchers, TUAW staffers tend to congregate in San Francisco each January for Macworld Expo. Until recently, the central event of each Expo was the Stevenote. Since TUAW bloggers have covered our fair share, I've collected some memories of Macworld Expo's Keynote Speeches. We'll start wit...

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Apple, Microsoft may bid to build tablets for Turkish school children

The Turkish Anatolia news agency is reporting that Apple may make a bid for a contract to supply 15 million iPads to school children in Turkey over four years. During Turkish Trade Minister Zafer Caglayan's visit to the US, Apple reportedly told the Trade Minister that it would consider manufac...

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Intel betting big on 'Ultrabooks' after Apple threatens to dump it

According to the Wall Street Journal, Intel is investing heavily into "Ultrabooks" -- thinner and lighter PCs similar to the MacBook Air. The company has made a US$300 million commitment to the technology and hopes to "define" the category the same way it defined the netbook category a couple o...

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Apple's flash-buying clout seen as huge advantage

Apple is not only winning the tablet wars, it's already poised to beat out Intel's new Ultrabook line of tablet-inspired notebooks that are expected to arrive later this year. The Ultrabook is Intel's attempt to merge the instant-on features of a tablet with the power of a notebook. These ...

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MacBook Air could sport new Intel ULV processors

The rumored revision of the MacBook Air, which is expected to go on sale by the end of July, could sport Intel's new ULV chipsets, according to CNet. "ULV" stands for "ultra-low voltage" -- something that is very important for ultra-slim laptops like the MacBook Air. In addition to the low po...

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