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Tag: intellectualproperty

Apple's head of Patent Licensing & Strategy departs for calmer waters

The man in the unenviable position of being deeply involved with Apple's ongoing patent infringement litigation with a number of companies has left Apple. AppleInsider reports that Boris Teksler, formerly Apple's head of Patent Licensing & Strategy, has taken a new job as president of the Tech...

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Apple adds form to report intellectual property infringement on the App Store

Apple has added a site that allows iOS developers to report intellectual property infringement, The Next Web reports. Those who report infringement will be provided with a reference number, and contact with the maker of the disputed app will be given to the person who reported the infringement. ...

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HTC files two counterclaims against Apple in Florida

Today's exciting patent infringement news of the day comes courtesy of Computerworld, which reports that HTC -- which is being sued for patent infringement by Apple along with Motorola Mobility -- filed a counterclaim yesterday before a court in Florida. In its filing, HTC said that it had be...

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Apple wins domain name

Apple's attempt to wrest control the domain name from the hands of a cybersquatter has been a success. TheNextWeb reports that the company's complaint to the World Intellectual Properties Organization (WIPO) resulted in the domain being handed over to Apple. The fact t...

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US judge tells Apple, Samsung to trim down patent lawsuits

In much the way that a parent might tell two fighting siblings to quit being overly dramatic, a U.S. judge has ordered Apple and Samsung to simplify their patent lawsuits by Monday in order to start a trial on July 30, 2012. Judge Lucy Koh of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of...

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Potter Voice Technologies sues Apple, Google over voice patent

The latest in a string of patent lawsuits has just been announced: a relatively unknown Colorado company named Potter Voice Technologies claims that all major smartphone vendors, including Apple, are infringing on a patent on natural-language voice control of a computer. Apple's in good company ...

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Motorola's patent enforcement against Apple could cost German taxpayers dearly

In a recent article, FOSS Patents points out a loophole in German law that forces taxpayers to pay for part of the court proceedings between Motorola and Apple. Motorola is currently enforcing an injunction against Apple and has deposited money for the injunction as required by law. Apple is ...

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Apple still blocked from using push email in Germany

German users of iCloud and MobileMe are going to have to wait a bit longer for push email to be reinstated on their favorite Apple devices. A regional court in Mannheim has upheld a ban on the service in Germany based on a patent lawsuit brought by Motorola Mobility against Apple. Motorola wo...

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US Dept. of Justice approves Apple's purchases of Nortel, Novell patents

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division closed its investigations into three major acquisitions that were pending, opening the door to completion of these acquisitions by the companies involved. For Apple, the acquisition of patents from Nortel Networks Corporation and Novell ...

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German court has dismissed Motorola's patent lawsuit against Apple

In the slugfest between Apple and Motorola Mobility, the Cupertino company has won a round in the German courts. A judge in the Mannheim Regional Court dismissed the Motorola Mobility (MMI) lawsuit against Apple over a patent considered essential to the 3G/UMTS standard. In a typically well-written...

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Apple ban on original Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 stands in Germany

Apple achieved a quasi-victory today in the ongoing intellectual property battles with Samsung when an appeals court in Dusseldorf, Germany upheld Apple's requested preliminary ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The court's decision also covers the Galaxy Tab 8.9, but not the Galaxy Tab 10.1N -- the versi...

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Elmer-DeWitt: Apple in "no hurry" to settle iPhone patent lawsuits

To Apple-watchers -- in particular tech bloggers -- it seems like Apple is taking forever to settle the lawsuits that are pending against Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers for allegedly infringing on the company's intellectual property. On Fortune's Apple 2.0 site today, long-time Apple a...

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Kodak wants $1B in royalties revenue from Apple, RIM

At about 5:00 PM in Washington, D.C., today, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) will decide if it should review a judge's findings from January that concluded neither Apple's iPhone or RIM's Blackberry infringed patents held by Eastman Kodak Company. Antonio Perez, CEO of Kodak, told Bl...

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Rumor: Apple bidding for Nortel patent assets

The formerly high-flying Canadian telecommunications hardware provider Northern Telecom appears to be on its last legs, and Apple and Google are apparently among the vultures circling overhead ready to pick at the most valuable parts of the carcass. The two Silicon Valley companies are said to be a...

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App Store filling up with spammers and clones of popular apps

Marco Arment has noticed a growing problem on the App Store; as hits emerge from among the free and paid apps, some companies are doing a little search scamming. They're ripping off the names, styles, and sometimes even the art of popular iPhone apps. He went to get the popular Angry Birds game and...

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