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iPhone dominating GoGo's in-flight Web traffic

Apple is king of the skies, Gogo tells AllThingsD, with iPhones dominating mobile devices using the company's Inflight Internet service. iPhones and iPod touches make up the bulk of mobile devices accessing the Internet from 10,000 feet, while Android trails at 12 percent and Blackberry is even fu...

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Scientific study shows internet use changes human memory

The internet has fundamentally affected the way people access and store information, and many people (myself included) have wondered if it's also changing the way our minds work. According to the New York Times, a recently published scientific paper shows that we are indeed changing the way we ...

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Firefox 5 for Mac is available, brings updated UI and new privacy feature

Firefox 5 has landed and is now available to the public. The latest version of the popular web browser includes over 1,000 improvements, the most notable of which is a new Do Not Track privacy feature. This feature is found in the preferences and lets you easily opt-out of online tracking found...

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Apple updates support page with more "tap-friendly" layout

Apple's support web page has been re-designed with several large, easily-clicked and tapped areas, less text and a more product-centered focus. Here's a brief look at what's new. The most obvious change is the page's layout. The text-heavy sidebars are gone from the main page, as is the "All Pro...

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Considering iCloud's potential against existing cloud services

There have been any number of rumors floating around in the last day or so about Apple's Time Capsule integrating with the new iCloud service. Ars Technica reports that the updated Capsules might mirror Apple TV's CPU strength with capable A4 or A5 processors that do more than just perform backup...

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Local TV station visits Apple's data center

A Fox affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina took a closer look at Apple's new data center in the town of Maiden. The news story and accompanying video is rife with speculation about the intended usage of this 500,000 square-foot building. Once you get past the references for Apple's supposed "...

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Who's behind those spammy video converter apps

There's an interesting article from last year over on Macworld about how spammers try to use comment systems on discussion forums to promote their wares. Christopher Breen, one of their moderators, dug into the world of Chinese companies promoting dodgy (as in "don't work very well") video co...

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Apple's North Carolina data center to go live this spring

The cloud is the future, and the future appears to be arriving this spring, as Apple's North Carolina data center is finally due to go live, according to reports from today's Apple annual shareholder meeting. The phrase "in the cloud" refers to data hosted at off-site internet-accessible facili...

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Mac 101: Quick navigation of browser tabs

If you ever use the tabs in your web browser, you may have a hard time navigating between them as you take your hand off the keyboard, put it on your mouse, click on the tab you're looking for, look at that page for a moment and then click back on the first tab again. As a person who has loads of ta...

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Twitter website adds inline App Store previews

Macgasm brings us word that Twitter has expanded the in-page previews on its website to include iOS App Store app details. Although originally designed to do inline previews of made-for-Twitter image services like yfrog and TwitPic, Twitter has been expanding the concept in recent months; it now in...

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Connecting your Mac to the internet in Egypt

The political unrest in Egypt and its internet blackout is all the buzz today in international matters. Several TUAW readers have written in asking if we had any advice for Mac users in Egypt to gain access to the internet. The secret in a blacked-out country apparently lies in using cell phone...

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Apple goes after @CEOSteveJobs Twitter account

Apple is requesting that changes be made to the @CEOSteveJobs Twitter account, citing requirements of a recently-passed California bill that criminalizes certain online impersonations. The state's SB 1411 identifies criminal and civil penalties for certain online impersonations that demonstrate an i...

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Opera 11 for Mac debuts with tab stacking, gestures, extensions and more

Opera 11 for Mac is finally available with all sorts of cool features for you to play with, like "tab stacking," mouse gesture support and extensions. Here's an initial run-down of the major features available in Opera 11 for Mac. Tab stacking is pretty cool. I'm "one of those" people who typical...

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Mac Orchard closing down

Drew Saur, founder of The Mac Orchard, confirmed today that he is permanently shutting down his popular applications repository. Those that follow The Mac Orchard may have noticed that Saur stopped updating the website in July. He has decided to extend this hiatus and said his final good-bye today. ...

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Mac 101: Changing the default web browser in OS X

Apple introduced the Safari browser in January of 2003. Since then, it's matured to include extensions, an RSS reader and even a Windows counterpart. Still, many users prefer another browser. Since Safari is set as the default on every new Mac, you'll have to make the switch manually. Otherwise, Saf...

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