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Tag: investigation

Investigation moves forward in Gizmodo iPhone leak case

Over a month ago, police seized a pile of equipment from Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's home in order to investigate the case of the misappropriated prototype iPhone. Gizmodo (and about ten million armchair lawyers on the internet) claimed the seizure was illegal because of "shield laws" intended to pr...

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Former US Labor Secretary on antitrust investigation: "Hands off Apple"

If you want a preview of how this nonsensical antitrust investigation against Apple is going to play out, look no farther than Robert Reich, US Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration. Reich has written in defense of Apple regarding the possibly forthcoming antitrust investigations. He ...

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Remote webcam activation now disabled in software that led to controversy at Pennsylvania school

The suburban Philadelphia school being investigated for spying on students using MacBook laptops will lose the ability to turn on the built-in cameras remotely when they update their security software. Absolute Software, new owners of the LANrev remote administration suite (formerly owned and dev...

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Found Footage: iPhoneology

Back during the Cold War there were experts on the Soviet Union called "kremlinologists" who would study, in exhausting detail, any information that leaked out from behind the Iron Curtain for clues about what the Russians might be up to. Well, now I think the guys over at have ear...

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Financial Times: Forged Documents related to Jobs' options

Sources have informed The Financial Times of London that the forged documents at the center of the ongoing SEC investigation relate to illegal activities surrounding options given to Steven Jobs. According to the FT story, Jobs "was handed 7.5m stock options in 2001 without the required authorizatio...

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Fred Anderson resigns from Apple Board

In a comment under yesterday's report on the outcome of the Apple stock option investigation, SubGenius wisely proclaimed "Fred is going to be the fall guy." Congratulations, SubGenius - you win a brand new star! (or at least you will when the star system is working again) Fred Anderson, who valiant...

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Apple's Special Committee Reports Findings of Stock Option Investigation

Back in August, Apple announced they had found some stock option irregularities and launched an internal investigation to get to the bottom of things. This voluntary audit netted a warning of de-listing from NASDAQ because they had to delay filing their Q3 earnings results (fortuately, NASDAQ cut Ap...

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