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Tag: ios 4.2

Hands on: iPad printing with 4.2 and AirPrint, a limited menu

If AirPlay's first-generation limitations have disappointed a lot of would-be iPhone video mavens who had dreamed of quickly sharing their clips to the big screen, you can just imagine how irate everyone is about AirPrint. The universal shared printer solution for iPhone and iPad was kneecapped in l...

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Why I'm skipping AirPlay

It's pretty simple: I want to stream music from my Mac to my iPad or iPhone. Why? Because I sometimes connect one of those iOS devices to a home stereo. Those devices do not contain my entire iTunes library. Unfortunately, AirPlay won't let me stream my iTunes library to my iOS devices. Thus, I'm n...

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New birthday icon for Calendar in iOS 4.2

The release of iOS 4.2 has brought us a nice little surprise in the form of the new icon shown in this post. If you're tracking birthdays in your Contacts application, those birthdays will appear in your iCal calendar with a little gift package icon. It's a nice little touch to the friendly organize...

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New HTML5 and web standards support in iOS 4.2

Mobile Web Programming has a detailed writeup of the new HTML5 and W3C future standards support included in yesterday's iOS 4.2 release. These new APIs haven't been fully documented yet by Apple, but these changes have been uncovered as part of Mobile Web Programming's own independent research. The...

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Hands on with AirPlay: iPad and Apple TV updates make a magic combination

On the topic of iPad 4.2 and Apple TV 4.1, the first version combination to support video streaming via AirPlay, we might as well get all the caveats out of the way first. Yes, you still can't push streaming audio or video from your Mac to your iPad without third-party apps. No, you can't use AirPla...

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iOS 4.1 for Apple TV available now

The updates keep coming today, and now iOS 4.2.1 4.1 for Apple TV is available. This update supports the much-anticipated AirPlay feature in iOS 4.2, which allows compatible iOS devices running 4.2 stream content to the Apple TV. This is build 8C150 and can be found via your Apple TV's update featur...

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iOS 4.2 for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch ready for download

As promised by Apple, iOS 4.2 is now available. Head on over to iTunes and download the latest and greatest iOS firmware to date. iOS 4.2 brings a huge number of improvements to the iPhone and iPod family and finally brings the iPad into the 4.x fold. It's a terrific update, and one, we think, th...

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iWork suite gains iOS 4.2 support on iPad

The iWork productivity suite for iPad is receiving significant upgrades to coincide with the release of iOS 4.2, Macworld reports. Most significantly, the three iWork tools (Numbers, Keynotes, and Pages) will support multitasking on the iPad. Multitasking in 4.2 will already be familiar to many iPho...

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iOS 4.2.1 gold master posted to Apple developer center

We're inching ever closer to the public release of iOS 4.2 for iPad, people! Apple's developer center just posted build 8C148, listed as iOS 4.2.1 GM (gold master). Does this mean we're getting iOS 4.2 tomorrow? We'll keep refreshing our iTunes update screens and running our shell scripts -- as soon...

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Hands on: FingerPrint enables AirPrint for many non-compliant OS X printers

FingerPrint is a new Mac OS X application from Collobos Software that enables AirPrint printing for many OS X printers. AirPrint is Apple's new wireless printing technology for iOS devices. It works over Bonjour, Apple's version of zero configuration networking, allowing devices and services to com...

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Twitter for iOS gets push notifications, bug fixes, UI enhancements

There's an update to the official Twitter app for iOS. The new version 3.2 adds push notifications, so you can be pinged whenever someone mentions your Twitter handle, and also adds full support for iOS 4.2. On the iPad, there are UI improvements that include panel animation and a dismiss feature. Y...

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iPad gets a new iOS 4.2 gold master build to address WiFi issues

To address WiFi connectivity issues in the previous gold master build of iOS 4.2, Apple has released a second GM build of iOS 4.2 for the iPad. The previous build number was 8C134; the new build is 8C134b, probably indicating only very minor changes between the builds. It's unclear how this will af...

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Rumor: iOS 4.2 delayed 'at least a week'

MacStories reports that the iOS 4.2 update scheduled for tomorrow has now been delayed due to a significant bug found in the gold master build. The bug involves WiFi connection issues found by developers currently running iOS 4.2 GM on the iPad. "Basically, even if the iPad manages to successfull...

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iOS 4.2 and iPhone: New features, fixes and changes

Most of the focus on the forthcoming iOS 4.2 update has been on the iPad, and rightly so. The iPad is finally getting marquee features that most iPhone users have enjoyed for months, like multitasking and folder support. iOS 4.2 doesn't bring as many changes to the iPhone as it does to the iPad, but...

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Steve Jobs: AirPrint support for Mac and PCs not canceled

We reported earlier on a rumor suggesting that new iOS 4.2 AirPrint feature that allowed users to print wirelessly to any printer connected to a PC or Mac had been canceled. Because of the rumor, a frustrated MacRumors reader emailed Steve Jobs and suggested that Apple could begin to lose credibilit...

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