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Will Dragon speech apps remain in the app store for iPhone 4 owners?

It was a bit of a shock to learn yesterday that the terrific Siri app, now owned by Apple, will get pulled from the app store. It's being done, I'm sure, to encourage people to get the Siri technology built into the new iPhone 4S. Although an interview with the co-founder of Siri indicated that t...

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HDR Fusion for iPhone is free today only

Even though I do a lot of high end photo work, I still enjoy using the iPhone's camera, and i was especially happy to see Apple add HDR capabilities to the iPhone 4. HDR lets you get good pictures under challenging conditions when there is a mixture of very bright light, like the sky, and objects...

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Dragon Go for iPhone gets smarter

Dragon Go!, the all-purpose voice recognition search app from Nuance, is getting a significant upgrade today. In fact, it's almost a preview of some of the functionality we suspect will be in iOS5. The free app lets you speak conversationally with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Say things lik...

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Changes to Nuance developer program will result in a flood of voice enabled apps

The company behind the Dragon speech recognition applications for computers and iOS devices has announced a new developer program that will allow software to access Dragon Voice technology at no charge. It could result in a tidal wave of apps that harness the power of the Nuance speech recognit...

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Easy Calendar for iPhone works great and is free today

I use iCal on my Mac and the iOS calendars from Apple quite a bit. I would never have even thought about using a 3rd party app on my iPhone, but Easy Calendar has changed my mind. It's the 'easy' part that I like the most. Using it reduces the taps to create events, from 6 to about 3. Events ca...

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Mobiola Webcamera adds iPad 2 support and recording features

We took a look at the WebCamera iPhone app last fall. It's a clever piece of software that turns your iPhone into a portable webcam on a Wi-Fi network. Since our review, the price has dropped to US$2.99, iPad 2 support has been added, and you can now record the streaming audio and video right on ...

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Canon adds AirPrint to Pixma printers

Canon today announced 3 of its all-in-one Pixma printers will now support AirPrint from Apple. The printers are the MG8220, the MG6220 and the MG5320. Canon has posted a web page with more details. Some of the printers may require a firmware update to function properly. AirPrint is the wireless...

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SiriusXM app needs updating or old version will stop working

That's a tactic that should get SiriusXM customer's attention. The new version of the SiriusXM app released this week has moved to version 1.6, but the app must be updated or the older version will stop working. The satellite radio company says the app adds "required location awareness in compl...

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NearPics is a clever idea that could be a lot better

I'm always looking for free apps that blend well with my passion for photography. I've been playing with NearPics, a free app from UK developers The Mac Box. The idea is simple. Start the app on your iPhone and photos that have been taken near your location appear in a slide show. I tried NearP...

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Your personal, iPhone-powered SATCOM

The Scout Observer by Scout is an iPhone dock that is a bit too pricey and sophisticated for most of us. It's a six pound box designed for the military that turns into a portable satellite communication terminal when it's mated to an iPhone 4. It offers a spectrum analyzer, power meter, multime...

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Got acne? There used to be an app for that

The iPhone is pretty special, but apparently its magic does not extend to curing blemishes. The Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with the developers of AcneApp. The marketers of the app claimed that it "was developed by a dermatologist.... A study published by the British Journ...

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On the road, and off with the Garmin USA nav app

Garmin has finally joined the ranks of GPS nav app providers that include maps on your device rather than requiring you to download them. I have tried a previous incarnation of the Garmin app on a trip to Northern Arizona, but I only saw a blue dot and no roads since I was in a place with no ce...

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Sonos updates software for iOS 5, Lion

It has taken a long time but the Sonos software is now Lion friendly. When Lion came out in July, Apple substantially changed the way shares work, and the popular Sonos home music system depended on the SMB protocol to share with your iTunes library. In Lion, Apple moved to a proprietary method...

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Daily iPad App: 7notes handwriting recognizer lets you take notes with one finger

7notes is a note-taking/handwriting recognition app for the iPad. It costs US$8.99; there is also a $4.99 iPhone version, along with feature-limited free versions. I spent several hours using the iPad paid version (7notes Premium) and found it did an excellent job of recognizing both my cursive w...

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True HDR for iPhone adds features and goes on sale

I've looked at TrueHDR in the past and found it a competent app for getting good photos in challenging exposure situations. HDR techniques are excellent when you are faced with taking photos of people when there is a bright sky behind them. The app has been updated today with some worthwhile fe...

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