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Google announces updated Maps app coming to iOS 'soon'

Google Maps is already the go-to navigation application for many iOS users, but not being one to rest on its own popularity, Google will be rolling out an enhanced update of its popular map app with several new features. The update -- which the company notes will be arriving "soon" for iOS devices ...

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DevJuice: Supporting the iPad 1

iOS adoption outpaces every other mobile family out there. As iMore reports, 93 percent of customers have upgraded to iOS 6.x. Just 1 percent remain on older operating systems. So why do developers obsess over iOS 5? The iPad 1. It's the little iOS that can. And does. And keeps doing. Devs con...

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Apple: iOS fragmentation? What iOS fragmentation?

One thing that Apple is very proud of -- and has good reason to be proud of -- is that the world of iOS isn't very fragmented. That means that most iOS users have upgraded to the latest version of the operating system and are taking advantage of the many integrated services built into it -- things...

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Apple updates Siri to help those considering suicide to get help

GigaOM noticed that Apple quietly released an update to Siri that offers to put a user in contact with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, should he or she mention suicide. Should the person decline the offer, Siri then brings up area suicide prevention centers in a second attempt to provide...

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DevJuice: iOS/Android PortKit translates visual metaphors

The clever folk over at Kintek have posted a handy system-to-system guide for anyone working in the mobile development space. This metaphor overview quickly references how items like buttons, switches, one-of-n selection and other common interface items are expressed by default in the target are...

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YouTube sees mobile ad sales triple after ad-free iOS version bites the dust

Last August Apple announced it had lost its license to include the iPhone-bundled YouTube app as a part of iOS 6. Google wanted to make its own app, one that had ads, unlike the one found in iOS 5. The move appears to have been a smart one. Bloomberg reports Google has tripled its mobile ad reve...

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US Pentagon grants security clearance to iPad, iPhone

Earlier this month TUAW reported that iOS 6 had obtained FIPS 140-2 certification, "opening the door to more government use." It didn't take long for that door to swing wide open, as the Pentagon has now officially approved iPhones and iPads running a version of iOS 6 for use on secure government ...

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iOS 6 obtains FIPS 140-2 certification, opening door to more government use

Close on the heels of last week's announcement that US Department of Defense approval of iOS 6 devices was imminent comes word from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that a cryptographic module in iOS 6 has achieved FIPS 140-2 certification (Level 1). This has, to quote our...

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Parenting tip: How to exit out of Guided Access when it locks up

Guided Access is a handy feature in iOS 6 that lets you lock your child into a single app by disabling the hardware buttons on a device. It prevents your child from going hog wild through your iPhone or iPad when you hand it to them for some play time. Guided Access is great until it locks up and ...

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Apple rejecting iOS apps for "cookie tracking"

Apple is moving developers towards adopting the company's own iOS 6 tracking technology and not their homegrown methods. One of these alternative techniques is cookie tracking and, according to a report in TechCrunch, Apple may be rejecting apps that use this method. To understand how we got ...

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iOS 6.1 ready for download, improves iTunes Match, adds movie ticket purchsing via Siri and Fandango

iOS 6.1 has been a curious update. It offers a minor handful of API upgrades for developers but otherwise has been a way for Apple to tweak internals. First appearing November 1st, the beta has had occasional updates, most recently moving to the fifth beta last night before its final release to t...

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Apple rejects Samsung request to see iOS 6 source code

In the never-ending global legal battle between Apple and Samsung, the Korean electronics firm has been rebuffed by Apple in an attempt to see the source code for iOS 6. According to The Korea Times, Samsung argues that unless they have access to the source code, they won't know if iOS 6 infr...

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iOS 6 JavaScript bug could affect mobile Safari users

If you've used Safari on your iOS 6 device lately, you've probably noticed the new app banners that pop up on several sites whenever that site has a related app. But as AppleInsider reports, it looks like the new banners have the ability to meddle with your user settings without your consent by re...

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iOS 6 spike last weekend due to China, not Google Maps

Earlier this week, mobile ad exchange company MoPub released a report showing a 26 percent increase in iOS 6 adoption over the weekend. The company attributed this jump to the launch of Google Maps. According to a TechCrunch report, rival mobile ad company Chitika claims it is China and not Goo...

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Google Maps bumps iOS 6 adoption by just 0.2%

As the shortcomings of Apple Maps became more apparent, a vocal sect of iPhone owners refused to update to the new version of iOS. So, when Google Maps popped up in the App Store today, all those remaining holdouts finally jumped on board, right? Well, not quite. As TechCrunch reports, mobile ad n...

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