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Apple issues iOS 7.0.6 / 6.1.6 security updates

Today, Apple issued security updates for iOS 7 and iOS 6. The updates protect phones against potential attacks that might compromise data in secure sessions. Available for: iPhone 4 and later, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 and later Impact: An attacker with a privileged network position...

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All I want for WWDC is...nothing

February may seem early to you to be strategizing about Apple WWDC announcements. For tech writers, it's crunch time. To plan books, posts, and other coverage, you try to anticipate how big a change is coming up and what areas will be affected. For example, Victor was asking me the other day what...

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Awesome Safari tip in iOS 7 you probably weren't aware of

Mobile Safari in iOS 7 introduced a number of new and interesting changes to the way users browse the web and access information. One such feature you may not be familiar with is dubbed "Shared Links." "Shared Links" allows you to quickly and seamlessly scroll through all of the links in your...

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Apple to finally fix random rebooting in iOS 7 and other news from Jan. 22, 2014

Apple has acknowledged one of the biggest frustrations for iOS 7 users -- the soft rebooting of the phone that happens at random times. Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller told Mashable that the soft reboot issue should be resolved in an iOS 7 update. She did not indicate if it was part of the current...

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Mac Pro shipping estimates slip and other news from Jan. 20, 2014

Today was a holiday in the U.S., but there was some news to make the rounds. Apple has released beta 4 of iOS 7.1 to developers, which includes new animation for the slide to unlock function and a new Siri voice for UK iPad users. Douglas Adams' last online post in his forum dealt with his...

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iOS 7 power tip: How to swipe through the multitasking view much faster

It's hard to believe that it took Apple until iOS 4 to finally add multitaksing functionality. But you know Apple, always preferring to take its dear sweet time and make sure that a new feature is up to snuff rather than releasing something half-baked. With iOS 7, Apple completely re-imagined the...

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Apple comes to its senses, will re-center iOS 7 page indicators

You're welcome. All it took was my threat of a strongly worded letter to get Apple to correct the egregious wrong that it had committed in letting the iOS 7 page indicators drift aimlessly to the left. It seems that Apple's latest iOS 7 beta corrects the alignment of the tiny dots so that they...

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Communicate better with Symbolic App: speaking to the world

"Symbolic App: World visual kit" (US$0.99, and yes, that's its full name) offers a must-have app for anyone trying to communicate across language barriers. Whether you travel outside of your language zone or just visit restaurants with non-native speakers, this is the app for you. Symbolic App...

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This one weird Siri feature turned me into a Bing user

Even Spider-Man couldn't make Bing cool. So when Apple introduced Bing integration into its Siri voice assistant for iOS 7, I wasn't exactly thrilled by the change. Bing is basically the search engine equivalent of the sixth Doctor, loud clothes and all. Sure, Apple included a Google workaround for...

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A year-end roundup of TUAW's most popular iOS 7 video tips

When iOS 7 hit the ground running on September 18, 2013, many users upgraded quickly and then promptly spent the next weeks wondering how to do things that had become second nature under iOS 6 and earlier versions. TUAW began a series of video tips at that time that has been extremely popular and...

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Morning news roundup for December 23, 2013

Here's a look at what's going on in the Apple world as of this morning, December 23. A new Mac Pro, an iffy iOS jailbreak and a doomed Opel Corsa are just a few highlights. Let's begin, shall we? spends 24 hours with Apple's Mac Pro and Final Cut Pro 10.1. The notably quiet Mac Pro (the...

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How to secretly take photos and videos with your iPhone

Here's a quick and fun tip only available in iOS 7. So if you're one of the few people still hanging on to iOS 6 for dear life, perhaps this will convince you to jump ship. Thanks to iOS 7's affinity for translucency, you can now take photos or videos with your iPhone while no one's the wiser. To...

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Check out this cool (and pointless) iPhone lock screen trick in iOS 7

There are plenty of useful iOS guides out there featuring extensive lists of tips and tricks. But what about iOS tips that are completely pointless? You know, the type of iOS tips will do nothing to increase your productivity or efficiency, but rather exist solely as something to show off to friends...

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iOS 6 vs iOS 7 icons: A visual comparison

With iOS 7, Apple, under the watchful eye of Jony Ive, completely transformed the aesthetic of iOS. Gone were iOS mainstays like drop shadows, heavy textures and gradients. In their place was a cleaner, simpler interface. Since iOS 7 was first released about three months ago, innumerable iOS...

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Troubleshooting Apple's fingerprint reader

Owners of Apple's iPhone 5s either seem to love its Touch ID fingerprint reader or hate it with a passion. For some people (like myself), it works the vast majority of the time, while other people have told me they've given up on using Touch ID to unlock their devices. Over at Macworld, blogger...

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