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Tag: ios 4.2

Instapaper usage stats show high iOS 4, iPad adoption

Marco Arment, developer of Instapaper, has provided some intriguing usage stats for his bestselling app. While the numbers aren't representative of the entire iOS ecosystem, the fact that Instapaper is a popular paid app (almost always in the top 5 paid apps in the News category on the App Store) ...

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HP adds AirPrint support to more printers

In what it calls a significant expansion of its support for Apple's AirPrint feature, HP has added AirPrint support to eight more of its LaserJet models. AirPrint enables iOS device users running iOS 4.2 or later to wirelessly print documents, photos and other media using printers that support th...

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AirMedia Player for Windows: Stream from iOS to your Windows PC

We've been chronicling the fast evolution of AirPlay media players that allow owners of iOS 4.2 devices to stream media to their Macs and Linux machines. Now, from developer Apostolos Georgiadis comes word of AirMedia Player for Windows. The player requires Windows XP, Vista or 7, the Microsoft .NET...

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360 Panorama: view augmented reality panoramas in Mobile Safari

We've talked about 360 Panorama before -- it's a cool app that lets you capture 360° panoramic photos in real time by just moving your iPhone around in a circle. The $0.99 app (available here) has been out for a while, but keeps receiving amazing updates that improve its functionality and wow ...

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Address space randomization adds extra security for jailbroken iPhones

Reduced security is among the top reasons given by Apple and enterprise information technology managers for their opposition to iPhone jailbreaking, but at least one white-hat hacker is out to prove them all wrong. German security consultant Stefan Esser of SektionEins will introduce a tool this wee...

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HP adds more printers to AirPrint-compatible list

With only a handful of HP printers being compatible with Apple's AirPrint -- after the disappointment of AirPrint's functionality being drastically scaled back in the final release of iOS 4.2 -- users have been left with two options if they want to print directly from their iOS 4.2 device. One, g...

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iOS 4.2 prevents some USB devices from working via Camera Connection Kit

According to 9to5Mac, changes introduced in iOS 4.2 have caused Apple's Camera Connection Kit to become a lot less useful for iPad owners. As of iOS 4.2, the amount of electricity the iPad's 30-pin dock connector can put out has apparently been slashed from 100mA to 20mA. While this is good news fo...

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TUAW TV Live: AirPrint, AirPlay, RapidWeaver, and more

It's nearly 5 PM ET, which means it's time for TUAW TV Live. This is the weekly livestreaming video show where me and a group of Apple geeks get together to chat about the latest news from Cupertino and beyond. Today's show is all about what iOS 4.2 brought to the picture. I'll do some live demos of...

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TUAW TV Live: The post-iOS 4.2 show

A few weeks ago, in anticipation of iOS 4.2 making its way to our iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads, I hosted an hour-long episode of TUAW TV Live in which we journeyed together through some of the upcoming features of the OS upgrade. On today's show, we'll see how well some of the new features work...

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AirPrint Hacktivator enables AirPrint for any printer

You've updated your iPad and iPhone to iOS 4.2, and you want to print something, ... anything, but that printer hooked up to your Mac doesn't show up in the list of available devices. What can you do to make your iOS user experience complete? As Mike noted in his AirPrint roundup last week, Netputin...

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iOS 4.2 makes iPad a productivity rival for MacBook Air, says CNET

CNET's Brook Crothers claims that with the launch of iOS 4.2, he is pretty much ready to abandon his MacBook Air in favor of full-time use of his iPad. Even before the upgrade to the mobile OS, Crothers found that he was almost exclusively using the 3G tablet in the airport, hotel and plane for his ...

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iOS 4.2.1 brings baseband signature check, unlockers warned to wait

With the release of iOS 4.2.1, Apple has again gained the upper hand in the ongoing cat and mouse battle against iPhone unlockers. While the U.S. Library of Congress has decreed that users who choose to unlock their mobile devices for use on alternative networks cannot be prosecuted under the Digita...

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iOS 4.2 CoreMIDI apps begin to arrive on the App Store

When we got word a few weeks ago that Apple was introducing CoreMIDI into iOS 4.2, our minds began to ponder the new possibilities it would present. Since the release of iOS 4.2, however, with all the buzz surrounding the latest iOS software update, we forgot all about CoreMIDI. And that's because w...

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Apple TV Hacking: Spelunking into the AirPlay video service

When Apple announced its new iOS 4.2 feature set, Apple TV's AirPlay video service really caught our attention. That's why we were particularly disappointed when 4.2 debuted on Monday -- only Apple's own applications could ship video from iDevices to the 2nd generation Apple TV; third party app...

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Photofast AP1000 brings AirPlay audio streaming to your car

Now that iOS 4.2 and AirPlay are officially available for our Apple portable devices, we're starting to see third-party devices that can take advantage of the new capability. Among the first of those is the AP1000 from Japan's PhotoFast. The AP1000 is a Wi-Fi host that gets wired into a car audio sy...

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