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TUAW's Daily App: Cows vs. Aliens

By the time you read this post (or 12 PM EST, whichever comes first), Cows vs. Aliens should be live on the App Store and ready for purchase. I first got to see the game back at Macworld (where we also talked about XMG Studios' comments on EA's big holiday sale), and as you can see from that video,...

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How to go music hunting for Shazam and Pandora

The New York Times has an interesting writeup of a growing new trade built around services commonly used as smartphone apps: music-tracking, or music-identifying services. You've probably played with Pandora or Shazam on your iPhone already, and the article profiles just how all of that music gets ...

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Instagram photo sharing service reaches 2 million users

Picture-sharing service Instagram (driven only by the popularity of its free iOS app) has hit a whopping 2 million users already. As TechCrunch notes, the service hit its first million users in just three months, and six weeks after that, it has doubled that number. That's pretty astounding growth ...

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Apple's subscription model is boon to consumers, bad for publishers

As we reported earlier, Apple announced the arrival of new subscription services for apps in the App Store today. According to the press release, subscriptions purchased from within the App Store will utilize the same billing system currently employed for app and in-app purchases. Publishers are fr...

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Washington Post extends free iPad app subscription

The free ride on the Post iPad app was supposed to end in mid-February, but the Post app has been updated, and the iTunes Store description says that the full access subscription is still "provided for a limited time." That's the same thing that another iPad paper, The Daily, did the other day. One ...

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Report: Zynga worth $7-9 billion

The Wall Street Journal says that, with its $250 million in new funding, social gaming company Zynga could be worth as much as $7 to 9 billion -- that's "billion" with a B. An astounding number for the company behind the extraordinarily popular Facebook game Farmville. Zynga has a number of interes...

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The Matrix app turns iPads into a video wall

I spoke with someone from Anywise Enterprises at CES this past year, and they told me about The Matrix, an iPad app (that's now out on the App Store) that will network a bunch of iPads together to create a video wall of whatever size you want. We've seen this idea custom implemented in art installa...

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Enterprise iPad adoption up to 80 percent in Fortune 100

Apple critics repeatedly say the iPad is a media consumption device, and not really fit for the heavy lifting in the enterprise environment. But think again folks, because the iPad is working itself into some of the the largest companies in the world. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that 65 per...

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TUAW's Daily App: Rayman 2: The Great Escape

For a few different reasons (the recent Verizon iPhone release probably being the primary one), Valentine's Day has become another holiday for big sales on the App Store. We covered quite a few titles on sale last week, and of those, Rayman 2 is the one I'll recommend today. It's a port of an old U...

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TUAW's Daily App: UNO

Everybody knows UNO, the classic card game where you have to match cards going around a table and try to clear out your hand before someone else clears out theirs. Gameloft produced the iPhone version, and it's a respectable recreation of the card game that's available in single or multiplayer. The...

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Win a copy of Hungry Shark 3 for iPhone

The guys at Future Games of London have just released Hungry Shark 3 for iPhone. The Hungry Shark series is one of my favorite games for iOS (you can read my review of Hungry Shark Trilogy for iPad here). Hungry Shark 3 pits Hungry Shark against shark finners, mad scientists and leaking oil rig...

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iPhone passcode bypassed by security researchers

A group of German researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology report that they've cracked the iPhone's keychain system, allowing access to the passwords saved on any phone in just six minutes. By jailbreaking the target phone and installing an SSH app on it, the hackers...

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EFI adds AirPrint to corporate copiers and printers

AirPrint is wonderful for those of us who can use it to print to home printers, but until now, the technology has been useless for most corporate copier / printers. That's all set to change now that EFI is providing support for AirPrint to its signature Fiery print servers. The PrintMe Connect soft...

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Navigation app sales and Verizon friendliness

There's a flurry of GPS related news today, so let's get right on with it. First, one of our favorite nav apps, Navigon, is having a pretty big sale to celebrate its milestone of 2 million sales worldwide. If you've been lusting after a Navigon app, there's a 4-day, 50% off sale beginning today. Reg...

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TUAW's Daily App: Devil May Cry 4 refrain

This is part of Capcom's holiday sale for Valentine's Day (which is probably also intended to target some new Verizon customers), but Devil May Cry 4 refrain is a pretty good port of the console action game anyway. It features a character named Nero fighting with both guns and a big sword through a...

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