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Google Voice app updated for iOS 6, iPhone 5

Two months after the release of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, Google has issued an update for Google Voice to bring full support for both to the popular VoIP app. While it was usable on iOS 6 prior to today, and ran bordered on the latest iPhone, Google Voice now makes use of the iPhone 5's full 4-inch...

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Apple Maps finally gets turn-by-turn navigation in Australia

According to a report in 9to5 Mac (confirmed by Australian Twitter user Beau Giles), turn-by-turn navigation in Apple maps is now live in the land down under. Unlike the US and UK, which launched with turn-by-turn, Australia did not have turn-by-turn navigation when iOS 6 was released earlier t...

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Did Apple pay more than $20 million for Swiss clock design?

Apple's iPad has a gorgeous Swiss-inspired clock that may have cost the company millions. According to a report in the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger, Apple paid the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) 20 million Swiss francs (US$21 million) for the rights to use the iconic clock face in iOS 6. The ...

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DevJuice: Ray Wenderlich releases new iOS 6 learning book

Ray Wenderlich is a really nice guy and a good instructor. His site offers a huge number of tutorials suitable for new and experienced iOS developers, written by his in-house team of experts. (Update: Ray just wrote me and asked me to emphasize that, so I bolded it.) Now, he's ...

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How Yelp's flaws affect Apple Maps

It's been clear from the start that Apple Maps isn't perfect. In fact, in some instances it's proven to be downright broken. And while the blame ultimately lies at Apple's feet, it turns out that you -- yes, you -- might have played a roll in the new app's less-than-stellar debut. You see, Appl...

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Apple reportedly to remove emoji apps from App Store

Now that iOS has provided default support for emoji icons for over a year, the company finally appears to be taking action to remove the seemingly endless number of third-party emoji apps on the App Store. TechCrunch obtained an email sent by Apple to one particular app store developer, letti...

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iOS 6.1, Xcode 4.6 betas arrive in Dev Center

In addition to rolling out iOS 6.0.1 today, Apple has released a beta build of iOS 6.1 to developers. The update supports legacy devices dating back to the iPhone 3GS and newer products including the iPhone 5 and fourth-generation iPad. A build is not yet available for the iPad mini. Apple has ...

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iOS 6.0.1 now available, iPhone 5 users need to download installer (Updated)

iOS 6.0.1 was just pushed to iPhones and iPads running 6.0. The update is 34.7 MB and contains various improvements and bug fixes, including: Fixes a bug that prevents the iPhone 5 from installing software via over-the-air updates. Fixes a bug where horizontal lines might be displayed ...

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Using the iOS 6 panorama photo feature

iOS 6 surprised many iPhoneographers with the inclusion of an unexpected panorama photo feature. Panorama photography using the built-in Camera app on iOS 6 devices has quickly become one of the favorite features of Apple's newest mobile operating system. TechHive's Derrick Story has provided a...

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The challenges of jailbreaking iOS 6

Since iOS 6 arrived on September 19, the jailbreak community has been hard at work trying to achieve the ultimate goal -- an automated, untethered jailbreak that works on all devices that can run the newest version of iOS. Yet according to a new article by Mathew Schwartz of InformationWeek, a ful...

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Apple to use Passbook at retail stores

With Passbook popping up on every iPhone running iOS 6, Apple will soon let you use the feature at its retail stores. The company will begin rolling out an update to its EasyPay point-of-sale software later this month that allows store employees to scan Passbook-based Apple Store cards for paym...

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Apple agrees to licensing terms over Swiss clock design

The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and Apple have reached a licensing agreement that'll let Apple use the SBB's iconic clock design in iOS 6. Last month, the Swiss national railway criticized Apple for copying the look of the classic clock face without permission in the clock app on the iPad. Eng...

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iOS's Notification Center cares more about my contacts' birthdays than I do

I love Notification Center, but there's one thing that's bugged me about it since its introduction in iOS 5 and that thing is even worse in iOS 6: Notification Center always shows your contacts' birthdays no matter what. In iOS 5 this wasn't too annoying, because most people probably didn't h...

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Apple's vector maps save memory, go further when you're offline

One of the unsung features of Apple's iOS 6 Maps app is that it uses vector-based -- rather than raster-based -- maps that chew up less bandwidth and can be stored in a much smaller amount of memory. Many iOS 6 users are now finding that they can actually use the Maps app without a data connectio...

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Exchange calendar oddity in iOS 6 may trigger meeting cancellations [Updated]

The iPhone's support for Microsoft's dominant email and calendaring Exchange platform is an essential part of iOS's appeal to business users. Integrating MS's ActiveSync mobile device connectivity into Apple's gear, which started back with iPhone OS 2.0 in 2008, helped make the upstart smartpho...

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