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Here's a neat new physics feature in iOS 7.1 control center

Here's a neat new physics feature we've just discovered in the control panel for iOS 7.1. The sliders for the volume and brightness controls have been given their own physics. When you quickly swipe the slider, the volume or brightness will continue to keep sliding depending on how fast you mo...

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Dear Apple, please let us delete whole albums from our iPhones again

I listen to a lot of music on my iPhone -- probably too much music, if the hearing loss in my right ear is any indication. For years it was a delight. The sound quality was great and I didn't have to carry an iPod everywhere. Being forced to deal with iTunes if you don't enjoy syncing records was...

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Apple is getting serious about enterprise solutions for iOS

After years of meager services, iOS 7 marked Apple's return to providing serious mobile enterprise solutions for businesses. Utilizing a wide range of options and mobile device management (MDM) services, iOS 7 can help, whether your office provides company phones or employees use their own. The M...

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Pebble update for iOS 7 brings Notification Center support

The improved Notification Center has been a highlight of iOS 7 for many users, and now it's a highlight for Pebble smartwatch owners as well. Last Monday, the Pebble team released an update for the watch that brings full Notification Center support. In a blog post the company boasted about the upd...

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The physics of iOS 7

As soon as iOS 7 made it into the hands of millions of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, we began to hear scattered reports of people becoming physically sick when watching the parallax view and zoom in/out animations. Apple quickly responded with a way to turn off the animations to help those wh...

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Apple updates Remote app for iOS 7

Apple has released Remote 4.0 for iOS. As could be expected, the latest version of Apple's Remote app that lets users control iTunes and Apple TVs from their iOS devices has received a new icon and iOS 7-style makeover. So far, it appears Apple hasn't introduced any new features to the app. From i...

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App icons don't have to suck

The days of skeuomorphic icons are gone and in their place are clean, flat icons designs that, in theory, offer an attractive and modern feel. But when the desire for something simple comes at the cost of relevance, icons take a turn for the worse. Instead of overly elaborate and detailed ico...

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Protests in Taiwan over Apple Maps

Apple's Maps app continues to aggravate some iPhone users. This time, customers in Taiwan are offended that the software describes their country as a province of China. iPhone users in the island country noticed the issue and reported it to local media. Eventually Taiwan's foreign ministry noticed ...

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iOS daylight savings time bug strikes again

Several TUAW readers have reported that iOS 7 features a Daylight Saving Time bug that could cause the Calendar app to show the wrong "current time" line in Day view. The bug was first noticed this weekend here in the UK when British Summer Time officially ended at 2AM Sunday morning. Though iOS ...

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iWork redesigned from the ground up, available today for free

iWork has been overhauled from the ground up, and here's a look at some of the features Apple introduced today. The new Keynote was used in Apple's presentation. You can glimpse other features in the screenshot above: Full file compatibility New UI Collaboration added to iWork for iCloud Pa...

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Owl City's Adam Young says he created iOS 7′s sounds

The American electronica musician Adam Young of Owl City has revealed on his discography page that he created at least some of the new system sounds in iOS 7. Under "Artist," Young lists "Apple" and under "Year" and "Label," Young lists "2013" and "Sounds for iOS7." Besides completely remastering...

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iOS 7 video tip: How to kill a frozen app or restart your iPhone

On occasion, a single iPhone app might lock up and make that app -- or your entire iPhone -- unusable. Today's video tip looks at how to kill a single frozen app, as well as how to fix an iPhone that has locked up completely. As with all of our video tips, this one can be resized to full screen f...

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Poll: Is dictation more reliable in iOS 7?

The release of iOS 7 has brought a host of new features to the iPhone and iPad, but there's one we at TUAW have noticed hasn't been talked about much. We're speaking of course about the dictation function. Some members of our staff have noticed that diction has become more reliable since the debut...

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Poll: Is iOS 7 buggy on the iPhone 5s?

Here at TUAW, we have several anecdotal reports that iOS 7 is running extremely flaky on the iPhone 5s. As an iPhone 5s user, I can confirm that I've seen a number of issues on my 5s that I have not been able to reproduce on my fourth-generation iPad running iOS 7. The issues I've had with iOS 7 o...

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Apple leaks new iLife for iOS icons, suggesting updates soon

New icons for iPhoto and GarageBand for iOS have been spotted in the iCloud Storage Management settings of iOS 7's Settings app, notes 9to5Mac. The new icons appear radically different than the old ones, with a much flatter, iOS 7-like design. As the iCloud Storage Management icons are handled over...

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