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Australian developers talk about working with iOS 7

Since the announcement of iOS 7, there's been tons of discussion about aesthetic changes the update has brought to the iPhone and iPad interface. What hasn't been talked about widely is how the update changed the various APIs developers used for building apps. Alec Fraser of Reckoner, a site dedic...

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iOS 7 video tip: Using and managing dictionaries

Did you know that dictionaries are built into iOS? They are literally a tap away, and can define almost any word that you need to know the meaning of. In today's iOS 7 video tip, we'll not only talk about how to use dictionaries, but also how to add and manage dictionaries. As with all of our oth...

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Make beautiful parallax iPhone wallpapers

The parallax effect is the new "motion" wallpaper laying behind the app icons on iOS 7. The subtle effect is meant to give some depth to the flat design of iOS 7, though some have said it gives them motion sickness. However, if you like parallax and want to make your own wallpapers that work well ...

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Daily Update for October 11, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Fl...

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iWork bug bothering some iPhone 5s owners

Some users with the new iPhone 5s are getting a very Windows-like "blue screen of death." There have been several reports on the Apple support boards talking about it, and even a sample video. It seems the problem arises when using the iWork apps: Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Reports say the probl...

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iOS 7 wins mobile OS user experience shootout

Pfeiffer Consulting recently put iOS 7 through its paces, comparing it to a number of other mobile OSes to gauge which OS has a step up on the competition when it comes to the user experience. The operating systems involved in the study included iOS 7, iOS 6, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBer...

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iOS 7 video tip: Associating Touch ID fingerprints with fingers

Today's iOS 7 video tip is for iPhone 5s owners who want to know more about Touch ID fingerprints. While the device simply stores fingerprints as "Fingerprint 1," "Fingerprint 2" and so on, you might want to know which finger corresponds to that title. We'll show you how, courtesy of the original ...

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Roll your own iBeacon with a Raspberry Pi and a Bluetooth LE dongle (Updated)

Developers who want to start experimenting with iBeacons don't need to wait for hardware to show up on the market or design their own. Radius Networks has published a quick "how-to" for developers that shows how an inexpensive Raspberry Pi and Bluetooth LE dongle can be set up in a few minutes for...

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iOS 7 video tip: Fun and fast keyboard tricks

Today we've rounded up a herd of keyboard tricks for iOS devices. Some of them are new to iOS 7, and others have been around for a while, but are still extremely useful. The tips come from a variety of sources, including Kirk McElhearn at TechHive and our helpful bloggers here at TUAW. Be sure to...

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iOS 7 video tip: Where is Apple hiding AirPlay Mirroring?

While not everyone uses AirPlay Mirroring to display their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch screen on a TV through an Apple TV, that capability is surprisingly popular with those who need to teach or demonstrate iOS apps. In the iOS 6 days, you could get to AirPlay Mirroring by double-tapping the Home ...

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Business is cozying up to iOS 7

iOS 7 has been officially available since September 18, and given the attitude of corporations to move slowly on operating system updates and embracing new technologies, you might expect that it will take time for iOS 7 to make it into the executive suite. Joel Mathis at Macworld says that nothing...

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Skype gets updated for iOS 7

Microsoft has updated Skype for iPhone and Skype for iPad with a refreshed look for iOS 7 as well as compatibility improvements and accessibility features. While the new updated apps look great in their iOS 7 skins, the best changes are the little compatibility improvements you don't see right aw...

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Apple posts tips and tricks guide for the iPhone 5s and 5c

Apple today posted new pages to its website highlighting a number iOS 7 tips and tricks for iPhone 5s, 5c, and 4s users. Truthfully, I'm surprised Apple hasn't done something like this before given that there's so much power in iOS that the general public is often unaware of. While the tips liste...

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Steve Wozniak headlining Apps World Europe in London on October 23rd

iOS developers in and around London might want to take note: Steve Wozniak will be the keynote speaker for Apps World Europe on October 23rd. Apps World Europe is now in its 4th year and is quickly becoming the conference of choice for mobile developers in Europe. The two day event sees over 8,000 d...

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iOS 7 video tip: Using Do Not Disturb on the iPhone

While the purpose of smartphones is to let us receive verbal and written communications from others, there are certain times when you don't necessarily want your phone to beep, ring or otherwise make a noise or show a notification. Do Not Disturb is a handy setting that lets you choose when you wa...

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