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Hands on with Hangman RSS HD for iPad

I am fond of fellow TUAW blogger Dave Caolo and friendly with Brian Akaka, and were it not for those associations there is no way I would have tried out Hangman RSS HD for iPad by Finger Arts, because on paper the game just sounded absolutely dire. But Dave had given it a spin at Macworld and found ...

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A first week with the iPad

How has week #1 with the iPad been? Pretty good actually. I wasn't going to get one, but while on a TUAW assignment to get some photos... and kinda sorta held up my hand and did the deed. I'm glad I did. It's now a constant companion. I actually prefer surfing the web with it over my laptop becau...

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Andy Ihnatko: iPad is pure innovation, one of best computers ever

Uncle Walt has weighed in, and most of the other big tech pundits are starting to weigh in on the Apple iPad. The Chicago Sun Times columnist and Mac geek extraordinaire Andy Ihnatko has offered his input, not only in the first of what he says will be many posts about the device, but also in an inte...

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Edward C. Baig: iPad is a winner

Edward C. Baig at USA Today is among those at top newspapers who posted their first take on the iPad this evening. His verdict? Definitely a winner. Look out, Nintendo and Sony. Amazon, go cower in the corner with the Kindle. The iPad will be giving all of them a run for their money, Baig says. "...

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David Pogue weighs in on iPad, David Pogue weighs in on iPad

Pogue's tech-centric review (appropriate for those, he says, who meet the following standards: "Do you use BitTorrent? Do you run Linux? Do you have more e-mail addresses than pants?") reiterates the standard complaints -- no Flash, not enough storage, no ports, too pricey. Then the 'for the rest of...

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Uncle Walt delivers his verdict on iPad

Here we go, cats and kiddies. Walt Mossberg's had his iPad for a week now, and he's got to tell us all about it. Quotes below are transcribed from his video review. "The question in my mind is just how important will this be... On one level I think this has the potential to challenge the laptop, ...

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