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Tag: iphone 101

iPhone 101: How to use the Wish List in the iOS App Store

Do you find killer apps in the iOS App Store, only to forget them a few minutes later? One handy feature of the iOS App Store on your iPhone or iPad is the ability to save apps to a Wish List that you can view later. Follow these steps below to add items to your Wish List: Tap the App Store ic...

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iPhone 101: Add a useful message or contact information to your lock screen

Unlike OS X which has a native setting for adding a message to your lock screen, iOS lacks this option. You still can add a message to your lock screen -- you just have to be a bit more creative and must spend a little extra time creating a custom wallpaper with this information. The easiest way ...

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iPhone 101: Improve the App Store search experience with this easy trick

Searching through apps in the App Store on your iPhone can be a rabbit hole -- you search for a term and then scroll endlessly through the results to find just the right app that you need. When you want to return to the beginning of your search results, most people just scroll backwards, tediously...

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iPhone 101: What model of iPhone do I have?

When you purchase a new iPhone, it's pretty easy to know exactly what you bought. But what about the situation where someone gives you an iPhone and they're not really sure what it is? Apple doesn't help out, as they don't label the phones with stickers that say "iPhone 4" or "iPhone 3GS". Since t...

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iPhone 101: How to lock exposure and focus in the Camera app

This feature has been around for a while, but not too many iPhone owners realize the iOS Camera app includes an exposure and focus lock feature that allows you to lock these parameters and then frame your shot. This AE/AF lock is useful when you are taking a photo with variable light conditions or...

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iPhone 101: Using Photos app to view photos sorted by location

The Photos app in iOS 7 has a useful feature that allows you to view the location information of all the photos you took during the past year. To make use of this feature, you must have geotagging turned on the settings (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Toggle on Location Services...

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iPhone 101: How to easily dismiss banner notifications in iOS 7

Apple's notification system in iOS is wonderful for letting you know when you've received a new email or text message, but the banners can be annoying when they appear at the top of a screen and overlay buttons or other important content while you are in another app. Most people wait for the ba...

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Here's the iPhone's handy "Undo Typing" feature you might not know about

The iPhone is a wonderful tool, but sometimes its simple design ends up inadvertently hiding a useful feature. Today we've got a handy video that will teach you how to utilize your iOS device's "Undo Typing" feature, allowing you to reclaim text you may have accidentally deleted. The only downsid...

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iPhone 101: Use Safari AutoFill to enter information into web forms on your iOS device

Typing on a mobile keyboard can be a pain, especially when you are entering information into a long web form. To make it easier, you can enable the useful AutoFill feature in Safari, which will automatically enter contact and credit card information into compatible web forms. It'll take a few minute...

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iPhone 101: Using the volume button to take burst mode photos

The camera in iOS 7 has a burst mode feature that allows you to take up to 10 photos per second just by touching and holding the shutter button on your iPhone 5s**. If you can't tap the shutter because you are wearing gloves or are holding the camera at an odd angle, you can use the volume buttons...

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iPhone 101: How to enable automatic app, music and iBook downloads

Automatic downloads in iOS is an iCloud feature that provides owners with the option to download new Apps, music or books automatically when they purchase the content from the App Store, iTunes or the iBookstore. In iOS 7, it'll also automatically download and install app updates. It's a welcome ...

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How to set up a complex passcode on your iOS device

Smartphones and tablets these days store an incredible amount of information, and with much of it sensitive and personal, many users like to keep their device somewhat private by limiting who has access. With the introduction of Touch ID on the iPhone 5s, Apple sought to make iOS devices more secur...

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iPhone 101: How to add Facebook, Twitter, and other social network accounts to iOS

Apple has made it easy for iOS owners to share content across their social networks thanks to the integration of services like Facebook and Twitter into iOS itself. You can download Facebook events into your iOS calendar, upload videos to Vimeo from the Photos app and share links in Safari. It's v...

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Awesome Safari tip in iOS 7 you probably weren't aware of

Mobile Safari in iOS 7 introduced a number of new and interesting changes to the way users browse the web and access information. One such feature you may not be familiar with is dubbed "Shared Links." "Shared Links" allows you to quickly and seamlessly scroll through all of the links in your Twitt...

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iPhone 101: Deleting numbers in the iOS Calculator app

With over 9 million iPhones sold in just three days, and undoubtedly millions more since Apple first announced the impressive sales figure, there are likely many people experiencing iOS for the first time. That being the case, here's a quick Calculator app tip that maybe even seasoned iOS users wil...

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