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iPhone 2.0 firmware details and information on second generation iPhone

We've all heard the rumors that the iPhone 2.0 firmware would be out at WWDC 08, but we have received some information that begs to differ. According to the information that we have, it will be released late June/early July. This is because of Apple's deal with the cell carriers -- currently, Apple ...

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People already lining up for 3G iPhone?

In what must come as somewhat, yet not completely, surprising news, it seems people are already starting to line up at Apple's flagship 5th Avenue store in New York for the next version of the iPhone -- supposedly being announced on June 9th. According to our friends at Engadget Mobile, the line is ...

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.Mac push e-mail coming to iPhone 2.0?

Sometimes, we at TUAW get awesome tips from our readers -- this is proof. A certain, unnamed individual sent us some pictures of the latest build of the iPhone firmware showing .Mac push e-mail. The picture shows the main Settings page with a new button: "Fetch new data." When you click the button, ...

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.Mac syncing coming to iPhone 2.0?

One of the biggest questions that I had following the iPhone SDK event was how we non-Enterprise users were going to get the cool new wireless syncing features promised to ActiveSync Exchange users. My first guess was that Apple was planning to fold something like that into .Mac, and now iPhone Alle...

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A hint of search capability on iPhone 2.0

We're all excited for iPhone firmware 2.0, due in July. So are the guys at blarkKABOOM. So much so that they examined the video of the press event with a fine-tooth comb. They noticed what appears to be a small search icon in the iPhone's Contacts application. The icon wasn't in the video demo, so w...

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Video of Apple iPhone Roadmap event is up

Couldn't stop refreshing the various liveblogs covering the Apple SDK event? Neither could we. Fortunately, in case you missed any key details, Apple has now posted a streaming video of the entire presentation. Just the thing to watch while you wait, and wait, and wait for your copy of the SDK to d...

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