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iFixit publishes iPhone 3G S teardown

Our screwdriver-happy pals over at iFixit have taken on the iPhone 3G S and the results do not disappoint! The iPhone 3G S doesn't just look like its predecessor externally, the internal physical design is also nearly identical. The location of the components on the main PCB has changed, but the act...

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iPhone 3G S Launch Day: More pictures from the field

We snuck past the line into the glass cube, and got some pictures of the well-behaved crowd downstairs in the 5th Avenue store who were buying and activating their phones (and also checking out the new MacBook Pro lineup while they were there). Erica's in line at the Cherry Creek Mall in ...

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iPhone 3G S Launch Day: Photos from 5th Avenue

Good morning! All day today we'll be updating with reports from iPhone 3G S purchasers around the country, both here and on Twitter. So far the lines seem modest and activation is reportedly going smoothly. Victor notes that AT&T store lines are short where he is and if you are not the primary a...

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iPhone 3G S waiting, hoping, livestreaming

No one expects the iPhone 3G S lines to stretch on as the 3G lines did, but that doesn't mean there isn't some anticipation. In fact, in several places where lines will allow (as in, not in my mall) there are queues forming already for the fastest iPhone yet. How many of you are willing to wait in l...

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Some reports of iTunes issues while upgrading to 3.0

A bit late to the party, I started the process of updating my iPhone at 3:00 PM Eastern. iTunes downloaded the update without a problem, but the install process was halted with the error message: "The iPhone [your iPhone] cannot be updated at this time because the iPhone activation server is tempor...

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5 things you need to know about the iPhone 3G S

With only two more days to go until the launch of the iPhone 3G S, we have been getting a lot of questions from readers about things like cases, new features, and of course, upgrading from another iPhone. Can I use my 3G case with the 3G S? Yes! While there are a few manufacturers that are now adver...

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AT&T revises 3G S iPhone upgrade policy

It's no secret that I didn't mind AT&T's pricing of their 3G S upgrades. However, 3G owners were upset that they were not offered the same discounts as new customers or those who had not fulfilled their two-year contracts. Well, good news for those 3G owners who are wanting to upgrade to the ...

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iPhone 3G S update: UPS places hold on shipments

Reports are coming in from readers that UPS is placing a hold on iPhone 3G S deliveries. Several readers submitted the above screenshot or e-mails detailing tracking information, all referring back to the delivery hold. The original tracking information indicated that these phones were originally s...

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Layar app for Android presages the augmented world of iPhone 3G S

If you caught the Copper Robot show on Sunday or any of our recent talkcasts, you may have heard me yammering at length about the possibilities for using the iPhone 3G S in enhanced or augmented reality applications. After the dynamic demo of compass-enhanced Google Street View on the Android Dream...

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Counterpoint: AT&T isn't cheating iPhone 3G customers

In my youth, I sold cell phones for Verizon. It was not a rare occurrence to have a customer sign up for a new account and get their free phone, only to come back a week later and tell me they dropped it in a toilet and wanted another one. They were shocked when the phone they got for free just a fe...

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Store hours to change for iPhone 3G S launch

Apple and AT&T are preparing for the launch of the iPhone 3G S on June 19th by opening their doors early. Specifically, many Apple Stores will be open at 8:00 AM. Of course, the phones will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, so standing in line with your credit card might not guaran...

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iPhone 3G S In Depth: Why the 'S' means more than 'Speed'

What makes up a rumor? The common recipe starts with some truth or factual information, adds a healthy dose of hearsay, and then gets topped off with a 'pinch of this and a dash of that.' Then someone else starts with that entire rumor as their 'factual information', and adds to it from there. Prett...

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We know the iPhone isn't cheap, but Billshrink shows the numbers

It's no secret that in addition to the initial price for the iPhone, that there's also months upon months of service plans to pay as well. gave us some perspective yesterday, showing just how much of an Apple tax we really do pay for the iPhone. In a very easy-to-read infographic, t...

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O2 announces iPhone 3G S pricing

OK, UK iPhone fans, O2 has released its iPhone 3G S pricing plans for monthly and Pay & Go customers. Depending on your plan, your 16GB or 32GB iPhone 3G S could be free (but you'll be paying a healthy monthly tab). The full details for monthly and Pay & Go plans are on O2's site, but her...

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WWDC '09 keynote stream now available via QuickTime

With all the news floating around today about the new iPhone 3G S, and the updates on the release dates of iPhone 3.0 or Snow Leopard, you might feel deprived if you didn't get to make it out to this year's WWDC. Don't fret. You can now watch the keynote stream on the Apple website and see all of ...

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