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Daily Update for August 22, 2011

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top stories of the day in three to five minutes, which is perfect for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline pla...

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iPhone 4, 3GS outsell competition in Q2 says NPD Group

NPD's just published their Q2 2011 Mobile Phone Track service report, which lists the top five selling smartphones in the U.S. for the months of April-June of this year. They are: Apple iPhone 4 Apple iPhone 3GS HTC EVO 4G HTC Inspire 4G Samsung INTENSITYII Many people w...

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Ad suggests free iPhone 3GS at Best Buy Mobile on Aug 22

TechBuffalo has posted a photo of what appears to be a genuine ad, announcing that the iPhone 3GS will be free with a two year contract at Best Buy Mobile stores on Monday, August 22. This is the second time Best Buy has offered the iPhone 3GS for free with a two-year contract. The first was ...

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3 Sweden offers half-price sale on iPhone 3GS contract

Tired of expensive mobile phone contracts? Maybe you should move to Sweden, where mobile provider 3 Sweden is offering a half-off sale on a two-year contract for an iPhone 3GS. The new pricing makes a "3 Surf" package 99 krona or about $15.36 a month, with a more capable "3 Pott" package runn...

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Apple will reportedly re-launch unlocked iPhone 3GS in India

Indian website IT Pro says it's heard from Apple that the company will be relaunching the iPhone 3GS in an unlocked model to keep up with Indian demand for an Apple handheld. Back when the 3GS was first introduced in India, it was only available through a few carriers. Now, demand for iPhones i...

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Analyst: the cheap iPhone will be a free 3GS

Analysts really want Apple to enter the low-price smartphone market. So much so, they can't stop talking about this rumored cheap model. The latest analyst to chime in on this topic is Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital. He predicts Apple will release a cheap iPhone model when the iPhone 5 debuts. It...

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T-Mobile now home to 1 million iPhones

When talking to 9to5Mac, a T-Mobile spokesperson offered up a tidbit of information that suggests the #4 wireless carrier, which does not sell the popular Apple smartphone, is home to over a million iPhones. Most of the devices are older iPhone models, though a fair amount of customers have rep...

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Video of iOS 5 on an iPhone 3GS and a 4 side by side

The folks at AppleRumors Italia did a side-by-side video comparison of iOS 5 on both the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. As you can see in the video, the two models perform similarly with only a small amount of lag apparent on the iPhone 3GS during certain tasks, like loading a complex web page. ...

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iOS 5 rumor: iPhone 3GS to drop off supported list?

Normally we don't give much credence to a single tweet pertaining to rumors about the next iPhone, but this one comes from Eldar Murtazin, editor-in-chief of mobile phone blog Mobile-Review. Murtazin has a history of accurately predicting mobile phone rumors and in this tweet says the iPhone 3GS ...

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iPhone dev-team releases untethered redsn0w jailbreak for iOS 4.3.2, iPad 2 not included

The iPhone dev-team released an untethered jailbreak for iOS owners running Apple's latest 4.3.2 firmware. Good news for jailbreakers as Apple did not patch the hole discovered by @i0n1c. The code for this exploit was used in the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 and was easily ported over to th...

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Problems syncing after iOS 4.3? It might be your photos

I just updated to iOS 4.3 on my iPhone, which is connected to a MacBook Pro, and when the installation was done, I tried to sync. The sync stalled at step four of four on syncing photos, with a message telling me that the sync could not complete because "The required file cannot be found." I cal...

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AT&T highlights $49 iPhone 3GS in new TV ad

AT&T is wielding a new weapon in its fight against Verizon Wireless: the iPhone 3GS. In the carrier's latest advertisement, the almost 20-month old handset and its $49 price tag is dangled in front of customers as a cheap alternative to the iPhone 4. Price-wise, the iPhone 3GS lets customers ju...

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Hey, your iPhone's untied!

In the market for a shoe-phone? iShoes are funky little iPhone cases coming out of Asia that make your phone look like a tiny, somewhat flattened-out sneaker. Recently available for purchase from Japan-based vendor Strapya, iShoes are made by Korean company Play Hello. These colorful cases seem t...

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TekTrak phone locator offers two-use free version

Just because Apple released a Find My iPhone app and then made it free, doesn't mean there isn't room for a little friendly competition. TekTrak originally took on Apple's built-in iPhone location service by offering TekTrak Pro at a one-time US$4.99 price point as opposed to Mobile Me's $99 ...

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Sam's Club to sell iPhone 4 for $147 until Dec. 25

Remember that Radio Shack sale that offered the iPhone 4 for $149 and caused a nationwide shortage in the Shack's retail stores? Well, Sam's Club is about to one-up Radio Shack with a Member-only promotion that drops the price of the iPhone 4 to $147 with a two-year customer agreement. The leaked i...

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