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Two years with the iPhone

On June 29, 2007, Apple and AT&T released the iPhone for $600 to crowded stores throughout the United States. A whole lot has changed in the iPhone-world in just 2 short years. The 1.0 software is just a distant memory, and looking back I'm a little surprised how limited the original iPhone was...

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The TUAW how-to guide to iPhone 3GS video recording and editing

It seems like everyone who's purchased an iPhone 3GS at this point has had a different reason for buying one. For some people, it was all about getting a faster CPU; for others, it was their first 3G-and-beyond smartphone. My personal reasons for spending my hard-earned bucks to buy a 3GS were to...

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Spaced: How Apple gives blog writers apoplexy

Just when you think you're in the groove for the new iPhone 3G S, Apple goes and starts changing the game. The 3G S is, figuratively speaking, no more. Apple has quietly been changing all references on it site from 3G S to 3GS. The space between the G and the S has been removed. TidBITS broke the s...

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iPhone for Newbies: Ringtones, double contacts, periods, and AppleCare

I just bought my first iPhone, a 32 GB iPhone 3G S, and found that that there is an abundance of information out there covering just about every aspect of its use. As an iPhone virgin, most of this is new to me, but I'm sure it's old hat to most. Apple, however, is set to sell over half a million ...

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3G S sales expectations shift higher, Apple offers $30 credit for activation issues

It's Father's Day here in the USA, UK and Canada (best wishes to all the Mac daddies out there!), and if the tea-leaf-reading over the iPhone 3G S launch is accurate, it looks like quite a few of those dads may have gotten a shiny new phone as a gift from the spouse and kids. Which would have been r...

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Talkcast reminder: iPhone 3.0 & 3G S week in review, 10pm Sunday

If only we'd had any sort of Apple news to talk about this week! Last week Christina and the crew reviewed WWDC and looked ahead to this week's product introductions. You can download past shows from Talkshoe, Stitcher or subscribe in iTunes. We'll be live tonight (6/21 at 10 pm ET) and quizzing ...

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iLounge releases speed test videos of iPhone 3G S

Testing how speedy the iPhone 3G S "S for speed" really is has become de rigueur. iLounge has put together two videos comparing the facility of the 3G S to the 3G, last year's iteration of the iPhone, and to the second generation iPod touch. The operator tests four applications: Edge, Peggle, Real...

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iPhone 3G S Launch: Unboxing video, Steve Sande style

Ahhhh. The smell of new electronics, released from their cardboard box after a week long journey from Shenzhen, China to Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The texture of a clean, fresh iPhone encased in its plastic wrapper. The fun of finding not one, but two little Apple stickers in your package. Yeah, ...

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Why weren't you in line this morning?

We don't want to imply that the iPhone 3G S launch was a dud. There's reports out that the 3G S may have sold more units than the 3G on opening day, but even more reports are coming in that the lines and general mayhem at Apple and AT&T stores were much more subdued this year than in previous ye...

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iPhone 3G S buying at the Walt Whitman Mall, Huntington, NY

I just got back from the Apple Store and am now the proud owner of an iPhone 3G S 32 GB in basic black. I can't wait to get at it, but before dive in, I want to write a bit about the experience. Driving to the Apple store at the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington, NY, I drove past an AT&T store w...

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iPhone 3G S Launch Day: Interview with Airstrip's Cameron Powell

We had a quick chat with Dr. Wm. Cameron Powell of Airstrip Technologies at the 5th Avenue Apple Store this morning, talking about his company's data visualization and monitoring tools for hospital use. Airstrip's FDA-approved application for OB monitoring is already on the App Store in demo for...

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iPhone 3G S Launch Day: Video from the Aspen Grove Apple Store

I was at the Aspen Grove Apple Store in Littleton, CO today for the annual iPhone event, and shot some video while I was there. In contrast to 2007 and 2008, the lines were much shorter. It appeared that everyone was walking away from the store happy and with an iPhone 3G S in their hands. ...

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Inside iPhone 3G S: Seeing your direction on iPhone 3G S maps

One of the highly touted features of the new iPhone is the ability to have the map display your direction of travel. A great idea, long overdue. As people were walking out of the Apple Store today it was one of the first things some people wanted to try. They brought up the Google Map app, and then ...

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Interview with Ian & Bruce from Freeverse, iPhone 3G S launch day

Freeverse president Ian Lynch Smith and dev lead Bruce Morrison were among the crowds at the 5th Avenue Store early this morning, and both are enthused about the promise of the new iPhone hardware for gamers. We took a few minutes to talk to them (pardon the loud store noise)....

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iPhone 3G S: first impressions on buying, smudges and what's in the box

It's here, it's here! Check out the gallery below for what's in the box. Same as usual: headphones (the earbuds with volume control), sync cable, manuals (one called "Finger Tips" -- cute), the phone and a metal tool for popping the SIM out. The Finger Tips manual is updated to show off the new feat...

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