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Steve Jobs reportedly in talks with China Mobile

China Mobile announced its earnings for the first half of 2011 today and revealed that its executives have met with Steve Jobs to talk about bringing the iPhone to China's largest wireless carrier. The possibility of a China Mobile iPhone has kicked around since 2008, but these rumors recentl...

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China Mobile hints at iPhones in September

Reuters is relaying a report from the Shanghai Daily newspaper that China Mobile will begin offering a 4G version of the iPhone come September. The paper quotes a microblog post by Liu Yang, China Mobile's marketing official, in which Yang wrote: A new iPhone with China Mobile's network will...

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UAE carrier Etisalat said 4G iPhone 5 will ship this year, now unsaid (Updated)

Update: Etisalat must have gotten some cranky calls from Apple's carrier relations team, because the company has officially denied any mention of an upcoming iPhone model. SaudiMac reports that a blog post from the carrier now insists "At no point did Etisalat confirm that any new iPhone device...

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"iPhone 4GS case" and parts video hit the Web

As if there could be something else we don't know about the forthcoming iPhone, website iPhone Portugal has posted video of what they claim to be the internal parts of a next-generation iPhone. Where'd it come from? Here's their CYA: "These parts were purchased in China by one of our readers ...

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Engadget: Sam Mendes shooting Apple ads, video chat to be featured

Here's another juicy iPhone rumor. Engadget reports that American Beauty director Sam Mendes will be shooting the next batch of Apple ads, and at least one will feature video chat. Quoting some rather telling tweets, Engadget has put together that auditions are underway. An actress posted the ...

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More pictures of the rumored white iPhone

Much like Captain Ahab, Taiwanese Apple fan site is in pursuit of something elusive and white. They've posted pictures of what they claim to be the 4G iPhone with white casing on the back and front. Last week, the same site posted side-by-side photos of black and white faceplates suppos...

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Rumor: White faceplate for the 4G iPhone

What don't we know about the 4G iPhone at this point? This must be how clairvoyants feel on Christmas Eve. Taiwanese site compounds the letdown* by posting pictures of what appears to be a white iPhone faceplate. The holes for the speaker and front-facing camera that we're all expecting id...

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Digitimes: Foxconn will ship 24 million 4G iPhones in 2010

DigiTimes reports today on Foxconn's supposed plans to ship 24 million 4G iPhones this year, starting in June. June iPhone updates have become traditional for Apple watchers (just like iPod updates in September), and most observers expect WWDC to be this year's launch date. According to the repor...

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Latest iPhone prototype leaked by a duo of phone dealers

The Associated Press is reporting today that two Vietnamese phone dealers may be responsible for the most recent 4G iPhone leak. When mobile phone accessory salesman Tran Manh Hiep heard that someone was showing off a prototype iPhone in a Ho Chi Minh City cafe, he rushed there with his video camera...

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A4 microprocessor found lurking inside 4G iPhone

Well, look at that. The newest batch of leaked 4G iPhone photos includes crystal-clear* tear down shots, and one of them reveals what seems to be Apple's own A4 processor. Engadget notes that "339S0084," seen just below the Apple logo, identifies what we're looking at as the A4, according to Chipwor...

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Report: Apple adjusts sources for iPhone 4G components

DigiTimes is reporting that a number of manufactures in China will receive orders for components that will eventually become 4G iPhones. Previously, TPK Touch Solution and Wintek have produced touch displays for Apple. Its being said that they'll produce iPhone 4G panels as well, with the addition o...

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Apple visited the iPhone 4G's finder before the police did

With all of the chaos going on around the lost iPhone case, everyone has more or less assumed that Apple is behind the police department's actions in searching Gizmodo Editor Jason Chen's house late last week. Of course, no one believes that the sheriff is working for Apple, but most people seem to ...

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Dilbert's missing 4G phone

In an interesting experiment to see how long it takes to have a comic published, Scott Adams (the author of famed work-humor comic Dilbert) penned a pair of strips that are particularly relevant to recent events. Due to the extended lead time for comic publishing in newspapers, Adams decided that th...

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Determining civil and criminal liability for the lost iPhone

Editor's Note: One of the advantages of having an attorney on the TUAW team is the opportunity for this sort of deep-dive legal analysis. We asked Lauren to dig into the circumstances and statutes around the case of the mystery iPhone, and she obliged. While Lauren is a real lawyer, she's not you...

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Apple: We want our device back

Apple's Senior VP and General Counsel Bruce Sewell sent a letter to Gizmodo's Editorial Director Brian Lam requesting that their mystery iPhone be returned. From the letter: "It has come to our attention that GIZMODO is currently in possession of of a device that belongs to Apple. This letter con...

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