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Tag: iphone os

New iOS developer betas posted

Apple has posted several new betas for members of the paid iOS developer program. Point your browser to the developer site, and use your credentials to log in. You'll find new betas for iOS 4.2 as well as several other items that we're not sure we can specifically mention without breaking NDAs. D...

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devsugar: Understanding iPhone 4 backgrounding

If you're looking for a simple and easy-to-follow introduction to iPhone 4's new backgrounding abilities, head on over to Oliver Drobnik's weblog and check out his latest write-up. You'll find a lovingly crafted graphic that walks you through the iPhone application lifecycle, showing how an appli...

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iOS 4 Gold Master Release Candidate almost ready for download

Finally! The iPhone OS 4.0 SDK iOS 4 SDK is almost (but not quite) ready to roll for all members of Apple's developer program, not just the paid App Store developers. However it's likely to be a week or two before everyone gets access to the GM release. Right now, it's still going to be a release ca...

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Some further thoughts on the rumored next Apple TV

Our report this morning that there may be a new Apple TV (based on an Engadget scoop) is going to cause a lot of chatter. A new Apple TV is a step the company has to take, and frankly, if it came out today it would be at least a year late. The article says the project has been in the works for a ...

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devsugar: A better way to share ad-hoc builds

Hey, Dave Howell. This post is for you. Dave's company Avatron is in the midst of a beta program for its newest application, Air Display. Steve Sande took a first look at Air Display not too long ago, and I've been messing with it too. The thing is this: Avatron is still sending out zipped applic...

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Apple patent details workflows, social networking links for iPhone

When we're working with our iPhones and sharing information with other people, it sometimes takes more steps than it should to perform a task. Patently Apple recently published information about an Apple patent application describing a new icon and process to make multi-step workflows easier to acc...

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When Steve says "No" we hear "Maybe." Here's why.

In a recent TUAW post, I wondered whether a closed Mac system might be in Apple's future in addition to the standard Mac offerings. Despite the existence of Apple TV, some are dubious. After all, Steve Jobs said no (or, more accurately "nope") to a correspondent who recently asked about a Mac App st...

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Rumor: Apple building Facebook into iPhone OS

Business Insider says a source has told them that Apple is working on integrating Facebook directly into the next iPhone OS. This would mean the use of Facebook Connect to bring contacts directly into the phone (which we've heard as a rumor before, and which would make sense, considering that the A...

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Marking out iPhone app icons on the iPad

David Frampton has an interesting idea for how to display non-universal iPhone apps on the iPad: put a black border around them, much like how iPhone apps will display if they are not scaled-up. I think it's a brilliant idea. It makes them distinguishable, but at the same time seems not too obv...

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Former US Labor Secretary on antitrust investigation: "Hands off Apple"

If you want a preview of how this nonsensical antitrust investigation against Apple is going to play out, look no farther than Robert Reich, US Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration. Reich has written in defense of Apple regarding the possibly forthcoming antitrust investigations. He ...

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Apple to drop support for 1st gen iPhone

You could see the writing on the wall when Apple announced iPhone OS 4. Apple said most of the features will run on the iPhone 3G, and all would run on the iPhone 3GS. At no point did they mention the first generation iPhone. Steve Jobs has now confirmed what many assumed. MacStories has publishe...

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Apple ditches "Rate on Delete" in iPhone OS 4

MacRumors is reporting that Apple has removed the "Rate on Delete" feature from the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 release. "Rate on Delete" is a pop-up notice that appears when a user deletes an app from their iPhone. The user is able to select a 1 to 5 star rating for the app or to refuse rating it by tap...

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Poll: Will you be upgrading your iPhone hardware to take advantage of multitasking?

Multitasking is the number one requested feature since the iPhone launched almost three years ago. With the introduction of iPhone OS 4 SDK, Apple has finally brought multitasking to the iPhone and iPod touch. The catch is that you need to have a 3rd gen iPod touch (released in 32 and 64GB versio...

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Dear Apple, you're half-way there

In January you told Apple what you wanted in iPhone OS 4.0. Did the development team heed your advice? Well, even though iPhone OS 4 is only in its first beta release, Apple has already added 50% of the major features you wanted. What was delivered? Vertical swiping, app switching, backgr...

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Apple blocking Flash-built apps because of multitasking?

Following up on news that the iPhone 4.0 developer agreement prohibits cross-compiled third-party apps, AppleInsider received info that multitasking in iPhone OS 4.0 is the reason for the change. According to their sources, apps built in environments like Flash CS5 won't co-operate well with Apple's...

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