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iPhone 101: Deleting numbers in the iOS Calculator app

With over 9 million iPhones sold in just three days, and undoubtedly millions more since Apple first announced the impressive sales figure, there are likely many people experiencing iOS for the first time. That being the case, here's a quick Calculator app tip that maybe even seasoned iOS users wil...

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TUAW's Don't Panic Guide to iOS 7

TUAW readers of long standing, this post is for your friends and family who are asking you about iOS 7. Feel free to share it with them in person, on your social networks, or randomly in coffee shops and libraries. For more info, scroll to the bottom of the post. Breathe in, breathe out. Namaste! C...

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iPhone 101: What is an ESN and how can it go bad?

Getting your older iPhone ready to sell on eBay? You might notice listings that advertise good ESN and bad ones. Just what are those? An ESN is the electronic serial number assigned to your iPhone and is used with CDMA phones instead of SIM cards. There are several good guides through eBay about ...

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iPhone 101: Living dangerously with government alerts turned off

Given the surfeit of wild and life-threatening weather events across the USA over the past few months, it's great that the major iPhone carriers now all support the Federal system for wireless emergency alerts. These location-specific messages are broadcast by cell towers in an affected area, and pr...

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iPhone 101: Getting more out of Apple's Stocks app on iOS

Apple's Stocks app on iOS isn't terribly exciting, but in typical Apple fashion, it does have a bit more functionality lurking beneath the surface. Pictured below is what you typically see when you fire up the Stocks app. The information is pretty basic. We see that Apple's current share price i...

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iPhone 101: Lock / unlock screen rotation

Welcome to iPhone 101, the series that explains the basics of iPhone operation. A friend told me his iPhone was broken because the screen no longer rotated in Safari, Mail or any other app. He suspected the accelerometer was broken, but was confused because it still worked in games and apps like...

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iPhone 101: Switching sound off (or down)

Today's iPhone 101 is all about audio volume. You may think that the volume toggle and the mute switch on the side of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch are the beginning and end of noise control, but it turns out there's more to the iOS sound story. You can get some volume management by pluggin...

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iPhone 101: Set up keyboard shortcuts for easier typing

Typing on the iPhone or iPad becomes easier as you get used to it, but some things remain cumbersome to write even after years of use. The keyboard acrobatics required to type something like "Wi-Fi + 3G" or a long email address on a touchscreen keyboard can be somewhat maddening if you have to in...

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Tidying up location contacts for Siri and Reminders

My personal address book has no shame. I have contacts for people I haven't spoken to in years, contacts for people who I met at tech conferences, contacts for schools, for local stores, for repairmen, and so forth. It's one big old happy jumbled mess. I'm cool with that. When I want Siri and...

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iPhone 101: Using iOS accessibility to make text larger

Welcome to iPhone 101, the series that explains the basics of iPhone operation. This time, its making tiny text easier to read using the accessibility features in iOS. Following Stevie Wonder's high praise of the accessibility features found in iOS, we thought we'd take a closer look at some of...

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iPhone 101: Recovering deleted voicemails

Welcome to iPhone 101, the series that explains the basics of iPhone operation. This time, its retrieving a deleted voice mail message. One of the great features of the iPhone -- that is, one that is actually related to having phone conversations -- is Visual Voicemail. So long as your carrie...

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iPhone 101: How to turn caps lock on

Welcome to iPhone 101, the series that explains the basics of iPhone operation. This time, its enabling caps lock. It always astounds me how many iPhone users don't know how to enable caps lock while typing, not just newcomers. Just the other day I was chatting with a friend who's had an iPhone...

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iPhone 101: Using Voice Control

While we wait for iOS 5 to deliver cool new features, here's a look at Voice Control, a feature introduced with the iPhone 3GS model. There are three types of Voice Control commands: phone, music and other. Here's how to use each. Launching Voice Control Of course, you can't use Voice Control ...

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10 apps you should install FIRST on your iPhone

You've taken the plunge and bought your first iPhone. You've activated your service with your local wireless carrier, connected and synced it with your main computer for the first time, and brought over as much music, photos, and videos as you can squeeze onto it. Maybe you've even played around w...

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iPhone: What is DFU mode, and what's the difference from recovery mode?

In the past couple of days, we've seen reports here and there of iPhones getting stuck in a restart loop. The black screen with the Apple logo shows up, holds for a while, and then disappears again; repeat ad infinitum. While it's not clear yet exactly what's triggering the issue (the complaina...

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