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iPhone 101: Location data and GPS

Update: Look here for official word on the iPhone location data controversy from Apple. Recently, the Apple community has become interested in location data as gathered by iPhones. Specifically, The Guardian has reported that researcher and former Apple employee Pete Wardensome and data visualiz...

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Verizon iPhone 101: What new owners need to know to get started

You hung in there. For four long years, you hung in there. And now, finally, you've made it to the promised land. For many of you, an iPhone is even now arriving on a FedEx truck. Soon, you'll be able to set up your new baby and start entering the strange and wonderful world of Verizon iPhone use. ...

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iPhone 101: Where did I put that app?

Once you have a fair number of apps on your iOS device, you might find that you occasionally "lose" an app somewhere in the pages and/or folders of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Handily, there's a trick for locating that app using iTunes. I consider myself a seasoned iTunes/iPhone user, and this...

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iPhone 101: Quitting apps in iOS 4

iOS 4 makes it easy to leave apps without quitting, but what happens when you actually do want to terminate an application? Quitting applications can really help with older apps that have not been updated for iOS 4 "multitasking" and that do not properly return to the state they previously were i...

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Five little-known features in iOS 4

Whenever word gets out about a potential software update, as it did for iOS 4 back in January (then called iPhone OS 4), you don't have to look far to find speculation about features or functionality the new version will include. This is especially true for major revisions of the OS, which is iro...

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iPhone 101: Save space on your iPhone without removing a thing

It's important to note that this on-the-fly conversion does not alter your original files inside your iTunes library -- those will remain at whatever bitrate and in whatever file format you had them in. How well does this work? I saved a whopping 1.5GBs of space on my 8GB iPhone. Others here at T...

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iPhone 101: How to force quit an unresponsive app

We here at the TUAW headquarters rely pretty heavily on our iPhones when we're away from our desks. This is especially true for the lucky ones on the floor at Macworld 2010. Sometimes however, our little pocket computers go haywire and refuse to respond to our commands. To force quit an unrespons...

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iPhone 101: Don't forget to wipe... your iPhone's data

Stepping up to a shiny new 3GS? Thinking about selling your old iPhone on eBay or craigslist? Don't forget to wipe! I buy iPhones from time to time to unlock and offer to our local customers. One such phone arrived today and I eagerly opened the box to get things prepared. After charging the dead i...

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How to make iPhone videos sparkle with iMovie

If you read my recent post about taking movies with the iPhone 3GS, you probably noted that I talked about the lack of editing capabilities on the iPhone with the exception of trimming the beginning and ending of your videos. What if you want to edit your movies, add titles or effects, or combine a ...

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iPhone for Newbies: Honey, I shrunk the manual

Caveat Emptor: This is for newbies only. If you've been around, you probably don't need this. When I bought my last Verizon phone, it came with about three quarters of a pound of paper housed in three manuals allowing me to find just about anything through the index. Yeah, it was overkill -- but...

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iPhone for Newbies: Ringtones, double contacts, periods, and AppleCare

I just bought my first iPhone, a 32 GB iPhone 3G S, and found that that there is an abundance of information out there covering just about every aspect of its use. As an iPhone virgin, most of this is new to me, but I'm sure it's old hat to most. Apple, however, is set to sell over half a million ...

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iPhone 101: Basic questions, basic answers

This morning I opened my Mail inbox and was greeted with an email from a man who had read my iPhone articles in the premiere issue of iPhone Life magazine. He had a bunch of questions which, on first glance, appeared to be naive. However, I asked my rocket scientist wife (yes, she really is a rocket...

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iPhone 101: Add mobile websites to home screen

Many websites and services offer great mobile versions without being packaged in an App Store application. If you want to be able to quickly access these sites from your home screen, follow these steps: Launch Safari on your iPhone Browse to a desired mobile site (most sites will automatically...

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iPhone 101: Reboot your iPhone for better gaming

One of the biggest comments on the recent SimCity announcement for the iPhone, other than being able to locate the SimCity International (link goes to the U.K. iTunes store) version of the game, was complaints that the game was crashing for some people. This is not a new issue for graphically int...

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iPhone 101: Protect your device with a passcode

Are you worried that your iPhone or its data might get stolen? If you are, then this post is for you! Let's take a look at the iPhone's security options, starting in Settings > General > Passcode Lock. If this is your first time visiting the Passcode Lock settings, then you will be prompted to...

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