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iPhone 4 'AntennaGate' settlement checks now arriving

The US$15 "AntennaGate" settlement checks have started arriving for qualifying iPhone 4 users. The checks are a settlement for those who filed a claim in a class action lawsuit against Apple for "misrepresenting and concealing material information in the marketing, advertising, sale and servici...

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Little Inferno out on Mac

Little Inferno arrived on iOS in January. It's a wicked, little satirical adventure about burning toys that's gotten a lot of critical acclaim. Now, the game is available on the Mac. You can pick it up directly from the developer Tomorrow Corporation, or grab it on Steam or Gamersgate. Tomo...

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iPhone 4 a hot commodity in India thanks to new trade-in plan

One of the most untouched markets in the world for smartphones is India, and Apple has quickly leaped to second place in the market by using a very smart pricing workaround. As noted on Electronista, Apple is now using a trade-in promotion with resellers that has tripled sales in less than a we...

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T-Mobile to finally start carrying the iPhone with no contract, pay $99.99 upfront, and HSPA+ support (updated)

This one falls in the "it's about time" category: the last of the national US cellular carriers is finally going to offer the iPhone. T-Mobile will officially carry the iPhone starting April 12, with pre-orders beginning April 5. At the company's Uncarrier event this morning in New York City,...

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OtterBox Armor Series for iPhone 5/4/4S: Protection from everything

OtterBox was one of the first iPhone case manufacturers to come out with a product -- the Defender Series -- that could handle some really rough treatment. Now OtterBox is taking the lead in iPhone protection with the new OtterBox Armor Series, which is available for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S ...

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Regional Bluegrass Cellular to offer iPhone 5 on November 2

Bluegrass Cellular is a regional carrier down in the Bluegrass state of Kentucky, and the relatively small network has some big news: It's going to be carrying the iPhone 5. The prices are pretty standard for the various wireless plans, but the biggest part of this news is that a regional carri...

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T8 Storm wallet case for iPhone 4/4S: Slim, light, and attractive

Although emails about iPhone 5 cases are starting to fill our inboxes, there are still a lot of people who will be purchasing an iPhone 4 or 4S in the near future. After all, the iPhone 4 is free with a qualified plan, and the iPhone 4S has dropped to US$99. That's why well-designed and beautif...

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Comparing the iPhone 4/5 displays under a stereomicroscope

Scientist Bryan Jones of the University of Utah wanted to know if the iPhone 5 display really was better than the already-impressive iPhone 4 Retina display. Being a retinal neuroscientist and a photographer, he had access to a Canon 1D Mk III DSLR and a stereomicroscope that let him examine th...

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iPhone 4 now free on contract, iPhone 4S is $99

As expected with the announcement of the iPhone 5, Apple has lowered the in-contract prices of the iPhone 4S to $99, and the iPhone 4 will now be free. As with the iPhone 3GS last year, expect these discounted phones to be the low-end models -- 8 GB for the iPhone 4 and 16 GB for the iPhone 4S....

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Decoding Apple's naming rules

Apple's naming style for its products may seem silly at times -- the iPhone 5, for example, if it is even called that, will actually only be the second iPhone granted a numerical moniker, after the iPhone 4. Now there's actually a way to put a real, concrete formula on Apple's naming schemes, a...

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iPhone about prestige for smaller carriers

GigaOM talked to Pat Riordan, CEO of regional carrier Cellcom, about the iPhone and why this small wireless provider decided to add Apple's smartphone to its lineup. Cellcom is one of seven small carriers that started carrying the iPhone earlier this year. According to Riordan, selling the iP...

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Griffin announces Survivor Custom: Military-grade iPhone protection in a broad spectrum of colors

Accessory manufacturer Griffin announced today that they've joined the likes of OtterBox and LifeProof in the military-grade iPhone 4/4S case market. The new Survivor Custom (US$49.99) is a three-part rugged case, which purchasers can customize by mixing or matching the colors of the silicone w...

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Rare iPhone prototype lands on eBay

Spotted on eBay by 9to5Mac is a rare iPhone 4 prototype that's running Apple's Switchboard testing software. The device looks just like an iPhone 4 with a few modifications. Noticeably absent are the two screws at the bottom of the device, the +/- on the volume buttons and the Apple logo. There...

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Mophie delivers the OUTRIDE for action iPhone camera work

Popular iOS accessory maker mophie is stepping outside its battery-based products and debuting a new, sports action camera mount for the iPhone 4/4S. The OUTRIDE camera system includes a durable mount, a beefy camera-centric case and software to tie it all together. The polycarbonate case and m...

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Best Buy offers iPhone 4 for $50 with 2-year contract

If you're looking for an iPhone 4 on the cheap for the kids, for your elderly parents, or for yourself, head on over to your local Best Buy store. They're now offering the 8 GB iPhone 4 for US$49.99 with a new two-year contract. The discount, which appears to be permanent and not just a tempo...

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