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OtterBox Preserver case for iPhone 5: Review and giveaway

OtterBox has just introduced a new line of iPhone cases that should capture the attention of anyone who spends time around water. The Preserver Series (US$89.95) is now available for iPhone 5, and will soon be shipping for iPhone 5s and 5c. The case features the ability to be submerged in water u...

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OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet: To protect and to serve

OtterBox has been making protective cases since 1998, making the company the great-granddaddy of the entire huge smartphone/tablet case market. The company announced a new member of the family yesterday, introducing the Commuter Series Wallet (US$44.95) for the iPhone 5/5s. We've been seeing a lo...

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Original Plants vs. Zombies finally gets 4-inch screen support

The original Plants vs. Zombies -- one of the most popular iOS game of the last few years-- has finally received 4-inch screen support so it runs at native resolution on the iPhone 5, 5s, 5c and newest iPod touch. As MacRumors points out, in May of this year, Apple began requiring all apps to supp...

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You can now turn your iPhone into the iFruit from GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V does a great job of skewering modern tech culture, as well as Apple itself, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the "iFruit" smartphones that are seen in the game. Now, with the help of a handy skin from Mobile Fun, you can turn your iPhone 4, 4s, 5 or 5s into an iFruit to...

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Portenzo Alano SLIM and HardBack wallet cases for iPhone 5c/5s

I've got to admit that I've been really happy with the current trend of combining iPhone cases and wallets. They're both items that you carry around in your pockets, so why not take the functionality of an iPhone case -- protecting your iPhone -- and combine it with carrying around credit cards, I...

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Belkin TrueClear InvisiGlass screen protector covers your glass... with glass

Belkin will soon be shipping a new product for your favorite Apple device that should be perfect for protecting that new iPhone 5c or 5s from scratches and breakage from day one. The new TrueClear InvisiGlass screen protectors (US$39.99 for iPhone 5) don't use plastic like competing products. Instea...

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Apple killed the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4s lives to fight another day

Steve Jobs loved the 3.5-inch screen size of the iPhone 4, and once famously claimed that "no one's going to buy" the larger smartphones that were competing with the iPhone back in 2010. Now here we are with 2014 fast approaching and a pair of new 4-inch iPhones on the horizon. But while the iPhon...

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Apple's iPhone 5c cases are protective and obnoxiously colorful

Apple doesn't usually produce cases for its smartphones, but the iPhone 5c isn't like any iPhone before it. At today's Apple event, the iPhone 5c was shown alongside a new line of custom protective cases that will allow you to mix and match a wide range of looks for the device. The new cases featu...

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iPhone 5's are 50% off with iPhone 4/4S trade-in at Best Buy this weekend

Starting today and running through September 2, US big-box store Best Buy is offering 50 percent off an iPhone 5 when you trade in your old iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. In order to qualify for the trade-in program, which was first noticed by AppleInsider, customers' iPhone 4's and 4S's need to be able t...

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Twelve South HiRise for iPhone 5/iPad mini: Adjustable, affordable, attractive

Design house Twelve South is dedicated to creating Apple accessories that you want to buy, and its latest product is no exception. The HiRise (US$34.99) is a charging desk stand created for two of Apple's mobile products -- the iPhone 5 and iPad mini -- and is different from most similar stands in...

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Clean your iPhone 5's camera from the inside

The iPhone 5, though surprisingly light, is rather sturdily built. And in typical Apple style, the device is completely closed off. Nonetheless, the iPhone 5, over time, can begin accumulating dirt and other unwelcome particles underneath the glass. While this may not ordinarily be a problem, it bec...

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Mod-3 RADIUS case for iPhone 5: The most minimal case you'll ever see

Fresh from the world of Kickstarter comes the most minimal iPhone 5 case you'll ever see. The Mod-3 RADIUS case (US$69.99) is designed to protect your investment from most drops, all while weighing just .155 ounces (4.4 grams). How does it look and work? Read on, and then have a chance to win an a...

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Cheeky scam artist puts apples in iPhone boxes, sells them to unsuspecting woman

Buying pricey electronics from a private seller is never advised, but when a woman in Brisbane, Australia met with a seller at a local McDonalds to purchase a pair of "new" iPhones, she figured she was safe. As the Herald Sun reports, after buying what appeared to be two new iPhone boxes from the se...

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ADOPTED's Cushion Wrap iPhone 5 case rounds out a fashion case line (Updated)

Way back when I was a kid growing up in the 60's, I loved the unique and comforting feel of the upholstery of the time. Whether it was sitting on the "tuck and roll" upholstery in the back seat of Dad's Oldsmobile, or being snuggled between my parents on a diamond-tucked bench seat in a restaurant...

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Talkcast tonight, 10 PM ET: Plastic iPhones, Dev Center woes, Beard

All-new dial-in experience! See below -- do not call into Talkshoe, we won't be there. Be sure to set up Fuze Meeting before the show if you want to join in live. Sheeeesh. Can you believe it's the end of July already? It's like we just went from June to August this year. Anyway, we're going to liv...

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