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Tag: iphone6

iPhone 6 features powerful new A8 chip

Today at Apple's live iPhone 6 event, Phil Schiller announced the phone will feature a brand new A8 chip. It's 13 percent smaller than the previous generation, has 2 billion transistors, and features 64-bit support. It's a 20nm process. Of course, what matters is speed. The new chip boosts CPU...

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2012 iPhone rumored to feature new charging method

The Wall Street Journal has served up another batch of iPhone rumors after its (ahem) daring claim earlier that the next iPhone will be "thinner and lighter" than the iPhone 4. While the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S) is rumored to feature an eight-megapixel camera and will almost certainly have the...

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Apple reportedly selects Sharp for next-gen LCDs

The iPhone 5 hasn't even made it into the hands of the Apple faithful, and already we're hearing hints of what the display of the iPhone 6 could be like. Apple has chosen Sharp to supply low-temperature poly-silicon (p-Si) LCDs for the displays, and the Japanese manufacturer will reportedly...

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