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iPhone 3.0 beta 2 is available to developers

Earlier today, iPhone OS 3.0 beta 2 was released to developers. The big news is that push notifications and in-app purchasing followed this release, giving developers a chance to try them out. Engadget has reported on significant instability with beta 1, so here's hoping that's been improved. There'...

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iPhone OS 3.0 brings the speed for JavaScript

Ars is reporting the 3.0 speed improvements to Mobile Safari's JavaScript engine range from 3x to 16x -- a blessed boon to web developers everywhere. No one seems to know if Mobile Safari will be sporting Nitro or SquirrelFish or what, but whatever it is, it'll be faster. If you check out the benchm...

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iPhone 3.0 feature predictions: TUAW report card

As is our wont, we predicated today's iPhone press event with our own predictions and wishes for what would be released. Let's look back and see how we did. Copy and paste As the event wore on, and everything but copy and paste was being announced, I started to worry. "Someday," I thought, "This ev...

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iPhone OS 3.0: Dreams really could come true

In case you haven't checked iCal lately, the iPhone OS event is only hours away! What that means (aside from all of the tubes being clogged with rumors on what the new OS version will feature) is that it's time for another TUAW wishlist! Please know that while these are all going to be the best gues...

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Apple event will highlight iPhone OS 3.0

Earlier today, Apple issued a press event announcement that promises to offer a "sneak peek" at iPhone OS 3.0. It'll go down at 10am Pacific on March 17th in Apple's Town Hall building in Cupertino. As usual, the whole thing is rather cryptic. From the "blueprint" graphic and text, it sounds like th...

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