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Talkcast reminder, 10 pm ET tonight

If you haven't checked out last week's show yet, by all means grab a copy. We were joined by Craig Hockenberry and Gedeon Maheux from Iconfactory, who gave us the lowdown on the history of the company, the origins of Twitterrific, the coevolution of Twitter with the now-dominant Mac client, and the ...

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First fruits of the iPhone SDK: ToDo App

Sometime yesterday afternoon, as soon as her download finished, our friend and colleague turned up her iTunes, closed her office door and tore into the iPhone SDK with all the excitement of a kitten attacking a new skein of yarn. 24 hours, not much sleep and a diet of flat food later, she emerges w...

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iPhone SDK MiniBarCamp at SXSW Austin

Want to get your hack on with the iPhone beta SDK? If you're in Austin, TX, you're in luck. As part of BarCamp in Austin, a bunch of iPhone SDK hackers are putting together an iPhone track tomorrow (Saturday). There will be tutorial sessions, demos and hands-on hacking. The fun starts at 10AM and g...

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Use your iPhone as an XBMC remote

I have to say, as much as everyone whined about the lack of an iPhone SDK, I am nothing but impressed at how far people are bending over backwards to provide functionality to the iPhone. Yes it makes you wonder how much we could do if there was an SDK, but on the other hand, developers are really sh...

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Google creates iPhone-specific demo to show off API [Updated]

Google, says Scoble, has created a brand new just-for-iPhone demo page for their search engine-- yes, apparently they're still doing search. I used it within my browser (using my standard search engine test word: "Batman"), and it seemed to work just fine. It's all Javascript, as well, so it's fast ...

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NYTimes: iPhone SDK at WWDC?

Uncle Steve hinted last week that 3rd party software development would be coming on the iPhone sometime in the future. Gruber wondered aloud over at Daring Fireball just where the iPhone SDK might be that would make this possible. Well according to the New York Times, something is coming at WWDC. An...

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