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BBC iPlayer app to launch outside UK this year, Western Europe first

BBC's iPlayer is set to begin the first phase of its global rollout later this summer, according to The Guardian. The first phase of the rollout will target Western European countries and cost subscribers around €7 (US$10) a month, though the exact price is yet to be decided. Last December w...

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Hands-on with the BBC's iPlayer for iPad

As we reported yesterday, the BBC's new iPlayer for iPad appeared in iTunes overnight for UK residents, and we've got a hands-on look at the app for you. For those who didn't know, iPlayer is a little like Hulu for BBC content; it aggregates almost everything the BBC showed in the last week across ...

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BBC iPlayer app for UK iPads set to arrive February 10, the US in June

The BBC Internet Blog is reporting that the long-awaited BBC iPlayer app will arrive on the UK iOS App Store for iPad by the end of this week. Daniel Danker, the new general manager of BBC programmes on demand, wrote on the blog, "We're just applying the finishing touches to the apps as we speak,...

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BBC iPlayer app for iPhone and iPad to be released in February

Paid Content:UK is reporting that the long-awaited BBC iPlayer app for iPhone and iPad is due to be released at some point late in February, almost a year after the app was first announced. It's expected the app will arrive on the heels of the departure of the BBC's future media and technology direc...

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BBC to launch subscription iPad player in the US

The BBC's iPlayer was made Mac compatible in 2008. Now, The Financial Times (FT) is reporting (subscription required) that the network intends to make the on-demand service available to iPads, using a subscription model. Don't hold your breath while you wait, however. BBC Worldwide said that this...

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Hands on: AirPlay for audio streaming in depth

My colleague Mike Rose has already taken a long look at video streaming via AirPlay and found it a rather mixed bag. Although it works well as far as it goes, it doesn't support non-Apple apps -- even video streaming ones such as Netflix -- and can't even manage to stream video footage shot on an iP...

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Apple TV jailbreak news: USB restore mode discovered

The Apple Press and Engadget bring us word that the Apple TV, when connected to iTunes via its mini USB port, pops up this "restore this device" dialog that will look very familiar to iPhone, iPod, and iPad users. This is another step forward for would-be Apple TV jailbreakers because it will give ...

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Boxee opens up alpha, adds iPlayer support for UK users

It isn't just about Macworld; shockingly there is some other tech news happening this week as well. Our pals over at boxee have just announced a new version, some love for UK users and some great news: no more invites needed! Instead of hounding me (I kid, I never minded) for a boxee invite, you ca...

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BBC iPlayer finally available for Mac, Linux

In October 2007, the BBC said that the iPlayer would be available for Macs and Linux by the end of the 2007. Two weeks shy of the end of 2008, the BBC finally delivers. Maybe their developers accidentally took a trip in the TARDIS. Using Adobe AIR technology, the BBC has developed a version of the i...

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BBC iPlayer on Mac by end of year

We've covered the brouhaha over the BBC iPlayer several times. Basically the BBC is putting lots of their video content on the web, but they chose a Windows Media-based solution that was incompatible with Macs (and Linux). After an uproar from British Mac users that actually got a response from 10 D...

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BBC does the right thing: will support Macs with iPlayer

A while back we posted about a bit of an uproar that arose when it seemed that the BBC was going to roll out a Windows-only online TV offering. Well the BBC suits have apparently responded to numerous complaints and today they announced that their "iPlayer [service] will be re-engineered to work wit...

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UK residents petition BBC to make new on-demand TV service cross-platform

This one goes out to all the UK TUAW readers in the audience: apparently, the BBC is planning to launch a smashing new on-demand, online TV service. Everything sounds super-duper until the minor detail of being Windows-only. This of course ruffles more than a few feathers, especially since the BBC p...

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