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Tag: ipod classic

Current iPod SKUs are disappearing

If you're looking to own a current-generation iPod, you best buy one before they're gone. Ars Technica notes that vendors inside Apple's Authorized Reseller network are reporting that dwindling stocks aren't being met with new shipments, lending further credence to the presumption that...

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Rumor: iPod Classic will get a camera

Apple has traditionally updated the iPod line in September, just in time for the back-to-school shopping season, and this year will be no exception. With an event supposedly scheduled for September 9th, it's expected that Apple will introduce new models. There's a rumor at DigiTimes that the iPod...

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Taking it too far: Ice Pod ice cream bars

Oh, those crazy Norwegians. Ice cream maker Henning Olsen has announced their plans to produce a chocolate covered-ice cream bar that looks like, you guessed it, an iPod. The iPod Classic, to be exact. But wait, there's more! Each "IcePod" as they're called comes with access to a free song by a...

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Spore iPod game now in iTunes

Update: Tipster Mike writes in to note that the game has disappeared from the store. As of 5:45 pm ET today, it's gone. iPhone-wielding gamers rejoiced when EA announced a version of Spore for the iPhone, set to debut in September of this year (check out our hands-on with Spore). This week, click...

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More Apple gold for superstar athletes

David Beckham recently received a snazzy gilded iPod touch from his teammates. That's nice and all, but this guy is a superstar. He needs some seriously togged out Apple goodies. With that in mind, we're offering the following shopping list: The golden MacBook Pro. This sucker features...

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Make your old iPod's UI look like an iPod Classic

Apple uses new features and UI enhancements that are only available in the current generation of iPods as a carrot to get people to upgrade to the newest model. The new UI on the iPod Classics is a great example. These features could have been placed on the previous generation of iPods with a...

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iPod nano/classic take-aparts

People love to dismantle their expensive, new toys for whatever reason (probably the same reason I took transistor radios apart as a kid - to see "how it works"). Today, AppleInsider is pointing to fully illustrated take-aparts at - one for the iPod nano, and one for the classic. They...

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TV out locked in new iPod classic and nano

This is rather disappointing. According to iLounge, Apple has re-designed the TV out functionality of the new iPod classics and nanos so that they no longer work with older third-party TV out cables and docks. Apparently, the new classics and nanos require an Apple authentication chip in the...

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iLounge posts iPod Classic, iPod nano unboxing pictures

Our good friends at iLounge have gotten their hands on some brand new iPod Classics (both colors) and iPod nanos (all 5 colors) and did what any self respecting member of the Mac web would do: posted a bunch of unboxing pictures on Flickr. The iPod Classic comes in a box very much like the one the...

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VisualHub updated to support new iPods

Regular readers know that we're big fans of VisualHub here at TUAW. It's generally the easiest and quickest way to convert video from one format to another, particularly for playing on our favorite Apple hardware. Techspansion is really on the ball and today released version 1.27 adding video...

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