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iLounge leaks details on next-gen iPods, iPhone, iPad

Earlier today, iLounge reported on a few tidbits of leaked info regarding the next batch of iPods (due in September), as well as details on a possible "iPad mini" and iPhone 5. iLounge has given out very accurate information in the past, so it's likely that at least some of their info is spot-on. He...

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Apple launches Headphones with Remote Replacement Program

Apple has launched a replacement program for third-generation iPod shuffle headphones with remote controls that exhibit performance problems. The symptoms of the issues, which have led to some lengthy discussions in Apple's Support Forum, include controls that are non-responsive or work intermittent...

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iPod accessory turns up in fine art museum

I'm in Chicago right now visiting some of my friends. Yesterday we decided to go to my old workplace, the Art Institute of Chicago, which has one of the best collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art in the world. Imagine my surprise when I found myself staring at a first-generation i...

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Apple introduces new iPod shuffle colors, adds a new $59 2GB model

Along with the new iPod nano, iPod touch and iPod classic updates, Apple today also introduced 3 new colors of the iPod shuffle, a special stainless steel edition, and a 2GB model for $59. The new colors are green, pink and blue, and are available for both the 2GB and 4GB models. Also, there...

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Found Footage: Captain iPod T. Shuffle takes on Kindle Noonien Singh

When it comes to screen pathos, nobody does it better than Shatner and Montelban in the classic confrontation Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. Now the twisted minds at the SciFi Network's Dvice blog have taken a wonderful cinematic moment, full of overwrought line readings, and handed it over to t...

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New shuffle gets an update

Got a new iPod shuffle? Hook up to iTunes and check Software Update, because there's a holiday surprise waiting there for you. The revised VoiceOver Kit 1.0.1 corrects artist name pronunciations and includes a few other fixes. If you've downloaded the update let us know how it's working for you. [vi...

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Attention world: The iPhone dislikes moisture

There's a story at Click2Houston (I would have embedded the video if I had that option) about iPhone users who have had their devices ruined by excessive exposure to sweat. Specifically, they've been bringing them to the gym to provide a soundtrack to their workouts. Of course, sweat leaks into the ...

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Apple scammed out of 9,000 shuffles

Looks like Mike Teevee kept busy after visiting Mr. Wonka's factory. Somehow a guy in Kalamazoo, Michigan figured out a sequence of 9,000 iPod shuffle serial numbers, rang up Apple and promptly requested 9,000 "replacements." Apple shipped him the units, and he promptly sold them below MSRP to a bun...

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Here come the new iPod shuffle accessories

Now that everyone is getting used to the new iPod shuffle, the accessory makers are already pumping out the third-party additions (or at least announcing them). Some of the more interesting ones I've seen so far are: the Dexim Shu-Lip (right) that basically offers a streamlined 1/8" plug to USB ...

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New iPod shuffle features VoiceOver

The store is back, and the rapid rumor ramp-up is vindicated: Apple introduced a new iPod shuffle this morning, billed as 'the first music player that talks to you' -- it features a VoiceOver interface that announces artists, songs and playlists on demand (the iPod nano features spoken menus as well...

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iPod Shuffle colors updated

Apple has updated the iPod shuffle line with new colors. Specifically, you've got grey, blue, green, pink and Product (RED) to choose from. Everything else is the same; the 1GB model costs $49US while the 2GB version is $69US. Personally, I liked the orange and am sad to see it go. I'm quite happy w...

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iPod Reset Utility 1.0.3 for iPod shuffle is available

Even iPods get the blues. Earlier today, Apple released iPod Reset Utility 1.03 for the iPod shuffle. It's meant to be used with both a 1st and 2nd generation iPod shuffle when iTunes is unable to restore it to factory settings. Note that this sucker wipes your iPod clean -- all music, photos, etc. ...

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Apple COO speaks about iPhone, SDK

World of Apple is reporting on a recent 45-minute Q&A session with Tim Cook, Apple's COO, at the Goldman Sachs Investment Symposium. In regards to iPhone unlocking (or allowing users to move to another cell network with their iPhone), Cook said that it is "difficult" to please all users on all n...

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2 gig iPod shuffle now available for order

Several readers (thanks!) have pointed out that the new 2 gig iPod shuffle (which we blogged about last Tuesday) are now available to order. The Apple Store lists them as shipping in 7-10 days, for $69. Let us know in the comments if you are ordering one....

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Amazon offers up two iPods for the price of one

Amazon has started selling the iPod touch 32GB model. You might be asking, "What's so special about that?" Well, if you read the page carefully, you will notice that Amazon also is offering up a free iPod shuffle with the purchase of an iPod touch 32GB. That's right, you get a free 1GB iPod shuffle ...

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