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Apple updates the iPod shuffle

At today's press event, Steve Jobs announced a full revamp of the iPod line. The new iPod shuffle is smaller than the 2nd generation device and brings back something that many users missed with the previous model. Specifically, buttons! The new shuffle has a familiar-looking click wheel on the sm...

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iPhone devsugar: Unit testing for iPhone view controllers

Unit testing refers to a software validation methodology that allows programmers to test individual program units for correctness. It's been an ongoing question in the iPhone developer community as to whether the iPhone's view controller class is testable or not. In response to these discussions,...

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iPhone devsugar: The need for multiple ipa delivery

App Store clutter remains an ongoing issue. In addition to "business card" applications that offer little or no functionality beyond a simple web page[1], there are lite editions, demo editions, full editions, and even in the case of Tweetie 2, completely new applications providing upgraded function...

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Hands on with Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games [iTunes link] brings a mobile version of the Sonic franchise to the iPhone for this timely-themed product. It is officially licensed by the Vancouver Olympic games. With it, you can try your hand at curling, figure skating, snowboard cross, and skeleton, i.e. sports...

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Apple confirms Sept. 9 press event

At last Apple has begun distributing invitations to a press event scheduled for September 9th. The image on the invitation, which features a classic silhouette dancer, pretty much confirms our suspicion that this particular dog-and-pony show feature the iPod (now with cameras! ...maybe). Apple typic...

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Happy 7th Birthday, iPod!

It's hard to believe that 7 years have passed since Steve took the stage and introduced our friend, the iPod. Over the past few years, the iPod has gone from new guy on the block to "funnest" guy on the block. While the basic design hasn't changed much (for the Classic model at least), the features...

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What did 'ya get?

Go ahead and make us drool. Tell us all about the Mac goodies you got for Christmas. Was it an iPod video, an iBook, speakers for your iPod, or a new case to carry it all around in? How much do you love it? Is it what you wanted or were you disappointed? At our house we're loving our new Logitech m...

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