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Your iPod Hi-Fi deserves a $300 leather case

Up until now, I though my Vaja iPod case was opulent. Check out the Concerto Bianco (that's Italian for "I have a ton of expendable income") by Tunewear. It's a leather carrying case for the iPod Hi-Fi that features a snug fit for added protection and carrying strap for portability. Plus, it won't i...

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Buy $2,000 worth of stock photos, get a free iPod Hi-Fi

If you  have to buy alot of stock photos, and I know you do , you might want to check out Adobe's offerings. Why is that? Well, between now and July 17, 2006 if you spend $2000,  or more, you'll get a free iPod Hi-Fi. You do need to have a valid license to one of these pieces of software: ...

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Consumer Reports: iPod Hi-Fi is "mildly disappointing"

Consumer Reports weighs in with their review of Apple's new iPod Hi-Fi sound system and gives it a fairly lackluster rating, calling it a "mildly disappointing" entry with "so-so sound quality" in the iPod sound system game. They also didn't like its hefty weight (15lbs) and rela...

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iPod Hi-Fi Getting Positive Reviews

It's been almost a week since the iPod Hi-Fi was released and the reviews have started to roll in. Playlist Magazine's extensive review gives it a four out of five rating and calls the iPod Hi-Fi an "attractive option for people looking for good, room-filling sound in a compact package". A...

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Fantasy design for an iPod boombox

Japanese designer and photographer Isamu Sanada is known for his fantasy designs of alternatives to Apple products. He's done it again--this time with a speculative design for an iPod boombox that gives the iPod Hi-Fi a run for the money. His sleek design features speakers that appear to wrap around...

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Apple announces iPod Hi-Fi

Apple announced the new iPod Hi-Fi at this morning's special event. While it's not terrifically exciting, it's an alternative (albeit a pricey one at $349) to third party iPod speakers. The Hi-Fi features a Universal Dock into which you can slide your iPod and another spot on the back for an iPod sh...

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