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Fox releases X-Files branded iPods

We know -- you've wanted an iPod for years, but you've always wanted one branded with your favorite TV show, and that 90210 version didn't cut it. Boy, is it your lucky day. Fox has released some "Limited Edition" X-Files iPod Classics and Nanos, ready for your purchase right now for only $329.00....

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A field guide to iPods

Apple has produced 33 different kinds of iPods (if one counts the various capacities in each type as a unique iPod) and sometimes it can be hard to tell which iPod is which. That's why I thought it would be useful to, once again, point out this Apple Knowledge Base article which gives you tips on h...

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Make your old iPod's UI look like an iPod Classic

Apple uses new features and UI enhancements that are only available in the current generation of iPods as a carrot to get people to upgrade to the newest model. The new UI on the iPod Classics is a great example. These features could have been placed on the previous generation of iPods with a firmwa...

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Colorwared Apple stuff (and a gilded iPhone)

Our good friends at Engadget note that Colorware has now included every single new slice of Apple in their lineup, so if you want a brand new iPod Nano in Cotton Candy, Fusion, Cobalt, or Crush, it's yours, baby. Expect to pay through the nose, though-- just one color is over $200, and mix it up any...

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iPod Classic and Nano get updated to 1.0.2

iTunes has an update for the new iPod Classic and the new Nanos, and while the update doesn't have a description at all, MacRumors sez: Improved CoverFlow Quicker menus And the much awaited video out fix, among a few other interface tweaks Apparently there's a new option that will "Ask" use...

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New iPod classic has "badly engineered" audio circuitry?

Continuing our theme today of possible problems with the new iPods, now it's the classic's turn. Personally, I doubt could hear the difference but there seems to be a number of people who think the new 6G iPod classic sounds noticeably worse than the 5.5G iPod that it replaced. In the words of Marc ...

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