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ZapVM creates visual messages on your iOS device for story telling, giving instructions, whatever you can imagine

ZapVM is a free app (with some desirable in-app purchases) that lets you create and share messages with sound, still photos, captions, stickers and freehand sketching tools. I can see ZapVM being used by PowerPoint or Keynote fans, families sharing events, for consumer reviews of places or...

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RoomScan creates floor plans automatically

Now here's a clever idea for an app: using the position sensors in your iPhone, the free RoomScan app creates a pretty accurate floor plan (within a foot or so) of any room. When you launch the app you'll see some help screens, and there are links to several videos showing RoomScan in operation. To...

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Reactr for iOS lets you share a photo or video and get a quick reaction

Reactr (free) is a clever and just-released app that lets you get a reaction to a photo or image you've shared with a friend. Often, we send out what we think is the world's greatest pic, then get nothing from silence from our friends on the other end. With Reactr, you take a photo or video or grab...

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NASA's stunning Visualization Explorer get updated and offers more features

We last looked at NASA's free Visualization Explorer back in 2011, and since then it's been through several versions, culminating in this latest update that makes it native to all iOS devices. It also adds iOS 7 compatibility and a redone GUI. The app is designed to give laymen news of advanced...

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letZi for iOS is a unique group photo viewer

I remember the old days when a group of us would pass around paper photo prints to oooh and aaah over. The digital age has replaced that quaint ritual for many of us, because we zip photos around by email, MMS or a variety of social services. Now there's a new twist with an app called letZi...

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Traffic Cam Viewer for iOS is free and easy to use

Traffic Cam apps are pretty popular. Traffic Cam Viewer (free for a limited time) is basic but does the job, and it works for traffic cameras just about anywhere in the world. Most of the traffic apps are specific to a region or particular road, while Traffic Cam Viewer can be set to view cameras...

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Sonos announces new controller apps for Mac and iOS

Sonos, the company that develops the popular self-named wireless music system, says it is giving the apps that control it from Macs and iOS devices a complete overhaul. According to the company, the apps have been: "rebuilt from the ground up, this new UI not only looks great but gives our...

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Photos may be the only book you need for mastering your iOS photography

I've spent several pleasant hours with Tom Rudderham's interactive book Photos. It contains a wealth of information about using your camera to the fullest, including those in Apple's iOS devices. The book contains videos and interactive graphics to make learning all that much faster. Rudderham...

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Prism for iOS is a new unique filter based editor for your photos

Prism (U.S. $2.99) takes a unique spin on applying photo filters. You load an image, and the app checks to see what colors make up your photo. It then displays a filter wheel, and as you move around the outer edge and explore the central parts of the wheel you will see a variety of effects. Some are...

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Why Pono's massive Kickstarter success means absolutely nothing to Apple

Neil Young's pet project to revolutionize how everyone listens to music -- called Pono -- launched its Kickstarter campaign a couple of days ago and quickly passed its goal by a wide margin. With nearly $2.5 million pledged as of this writing, it's clear that there's a market for a lossless...

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Blue Maestro Tempo Bluetooth Smart Thermometer: Keeping tabs on your local environment

When I first heard about Blue Maestro's Tempo Bluetooth Smart Thermometer (£29.00, or about US$48), it was shortly after I had a conversation with a new friend about creating such a device. Ron, who I met on a recent cruise vacation, had wondered aloud why there wasn't an accessory for the...

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Soundmarks: A unique audio recorder that lets you annotate with notes, pictures and drawings

Soundmarks (free) is a fascinating audio recorder app. When you start and stop a recording, the app marks that point, making it easy to return to it. Think of it as an audio bookmark. The really creative part of using the app is the ability to add notes, drawings or even photos while a recording is...

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Speaky for iOS reads any text you feed it

Speaky (free for a limited time) is an interesting iOS app with a simple goal: paste in some text or give it a URL, and it will read it to you. Speaky works in the background, so you can be doing something else while a news article, story, or anything you can feed it gets read to you. You can enter...

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This iPod messed with the wrong people

It might look like the victim of a mob hit, but according to the photo's Flickr description, this iPod actually flew out of its owner's bag while rushing across a rainy street. That's a remarkable amount of damage from such a tumble, and imagining the media device getting riddled by a Tommy gun is...

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Photo Grid Collage Maker is capable and free

Photo Grid is a free (ad supported) app with lots of options for creating collages, as well as video slide shows accompanied by music. You can select the aspect ratio for the photos, and choose from more than 300 layouts. The layouts that appear depend upon how many photos you have. You can also...

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