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Klipsch Reference R6i headphones: A sound stocking stuffer

Your holiday gift-giving might include an iPhone or iPod touch for your favorite person, but do you really want them to listen to music through the standard Apple earbuds? Klipsch has been making speakers since 1946 - when I was in college back in the 1970s, it was a sign of pride to have a pair of ...

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Zen Shopping is a full featured and capable shopping partner

For many, the holidays mean shopping, and that prompts a hunt for deals. Fortunately, you can use apps to keep you fully informed and speed you along on your shopping journey. Zen Shopping (free) is a solid entry in the growing field of shopping apps, and one you will want to take a look at. ...

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Old Steve Jobs emails resurface as part of iPod antitrust lawsuit

It's hard to believe that in 2014, we're still talking about the iPod as a monopoly. Hell, it's strange that we're even talking about the iPod at all. But thanks to a slow winding judicial process, a class action suit against Apple stemming from its business practices in the mid-2000s is getting...

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iPod antitrust lawsuit set to kick off tomorrow

The iPod's glory days are long gone, but plaintiffs certainly have long memories. Add a slow-moving judicial system into the equation and what we have, in a broad sense, is an upcoming anti-trust trial regarding Apple's ancient efforts to restrict music purchased on the iTunes Music Store to the...

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Cyber Monday sales on Apple hardware and accessories

Black Friday may be over, but the holiday shopping deals continue on Cyber Monday. The deals on Apple gear are not as plentiful last week, but you can still save some money if you are looking for a Mac, an iPod or an iPad mini. Mac Select MacBook Air and Pro models - Best Buy - Up to $100 disco...

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Canopy offers curated shopping on Amazon

So many of us love shopping on Amazon, but at times the choices can be overwhelming. Canopy (free) is a new iOS app designed as sort of a front door for Amazon, offering community-curated shopping suggestions for items offered on the online shopping venue. The ad-free app allows you to create a...

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iPhone users taking astronomical photos with the help of NightCap Pro

Taking pictures of stars and deep sky objects with an iPhone would not have been something I thought would have worked, but as Apple hardware improves with better low light camera performance, apps are there to exploit it and push the envelope. Several users of NightCap Pro, an app designed for n...

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Strategy plus math equals Make a 9

About ten years ago, the numerical game Sudoku became an overnight sensation. It required players to fill a series of boxes with the numbers 1-9, with some or most of the boxes empty. Players thrived on strategy, quick wits, and the perseverance needed to stick with the game until the puzzle pie...

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Logitech's AnyAngle case: Just the angle you want for iPad Air 2, iPad mini

Logitech continues to outpace most accessory manufacturers in coming out with a variety of very useful products for the iPad. Today's announcement is for a very adjustable iPad case for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini called the AnyAngle (US$59.99). As you can see in the video below, AnyAngle uses a...

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RHA's T10i brings sound customization to high-fidelity headphones

The recently announced RHA T10i (US$199.95) noise-isolating, in-ear headphones take top-shelf in RHA's lineup of fantastic headphones. According to RHA, the T10i headphones take precedence over the MA750i (read my review here), which have been my everyday headphones over the last year or so. The...

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iOS 8.1.1 is here, full of bug fixes, stability and performance enhancements

Another day, another iOS update. iOS 8.1.1 is appearing on iPhones, iPads and iPod touches around the world via the standard over-the-air update process. You can install the update by simply launching Settings, then going to General > Software Update. While there's no big info about what has ...

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AstoundSound Music player can enhance audio from iOS devices

The AstoundSound Music Player (free with a single in-app purchase option at US$2.99) is an audio 'enhancer' designed to increase the 3D spatial effects that can be enjoyed while listening through headphones, speakers, and in cars. Play your music through the app, and when you switch on the enhanc...

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Live Weather Forecast app adds weather radio and HD Radar

Even with lots of weather apps to choose from, including excellent free apps from Apple and Yahoo, I'm always interested to see something new come along in the weather category that has a unique feature set. Live Weather Forecast (US$0.99) is a graphically pleasing universal app that packs a lot...

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A hands-on look at Logitech's Keys-To-Go keyboard for iPad

So you want a keyboard to use occasionally with your iPad, but you don't want a keyboard case. Up to this point, that meant that you usually had to buy an Apple Wireless Keyboard (US$69) or something similar to drop into your iPad bag. Logitech, which just happens to make some of the best iPad key...

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UNU Superpak Battery charges your iOS devices quickly

iOS devices have always had battery issues for heavy users. Each new model comes with a bigger battery, but that battery often serves a higher resolution screen, added radios, a faster processor and other features. There are a variety of battery packs for sale that you can use when you are awa...

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