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Apple bringing indoor positioning to iOS 8 with M7 motion processor

The ability to have a GPS in nearly every adult's pocket has permanently changed the way we travel great distances. You no longer have to study a map before you drive across the country. Instead, you just charge your phone. Still, finding individuals among a crowd is no easier, but a new addition ...

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The curious case of the persistent image

The other day I was working on some blog posts, and when I pulled up an image in Preview to edit it, I noticed something odd. It looked like the Preview window was transparent, and that I was seeing a window through it. I thought nothing of it until a few minutes later when I closed a number of...

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iSuppli suggests Apple's cash infusion going toward display manufacturing

During Apple's recent earnings conference call, Tim Cook confirmed Apple was spending $3.9 billion on pre-payments for unspecified components. Aware of the AMOLED display shortages that plague the mobile phone industry, analysts and tech pundits alike assumed Cook was referring to the LCD displays u...

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More pics and video of possible next-gen iPhone display leaked

Back in February, we showed you some leaked pics from iResQ that were supposedly pictures of the next-gen iPhone's front face. Now, SmartPhone Medic, another iPhone repair outfit, has released pictures and video of what appears to be almost the exact same next-gen iPhone faceplate that iResQ showed ...

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