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CES 2013: Cobra adds to iRadar lineup and more

Radar detector manufacturer Cobra is back at CES again this year, and the company is showing off two new additions to its smartphone-powered lineup. The iRadar S-Series is the new high-end model -- it's available right now in Europe, but won't be here in the States until around August. Unlike m...

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Are iOS and a radar detector a good pair? A look at Cobra iRadar

I think so. I've been testing Cobra iRadar, a hardware radar detector that connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone for up to date warnings of police radar, and speed/red light camera detection. The system consist of a small radar receiver that attaches to your windshield, and a free app that pa...

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Cobra iRadar on the CES 2011 show floor

We liked the idea of the iRadar when we first heard about it, and Cobra put the device front and center at its CES 2011 booth (well, right next to the girls in skimpy police uniforms). The iRadar is a radar detector that hooks right up to Cobra's official iPhone app, and it will not only alert ...

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Cobra iPhone radar detector useful for dodging tickets, driving recklessly

Your iPhone or iPod touch can handle a lot of tasks in your car. We use them as GPS navigators, MP3 players, and as a way to keep the kids from killing each other in the back seat. Now Cobra, that long-time creator of automobile radar detectors, has come up with a very useful device and app that mi...

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