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Colloquy for iPhone Debuts

A new IRC client debuted on the iPhone today and is available for download from Installer.app. Like many other iPhone projects, Mobile Colloquy is still in its early days, taking baby alpha release steps, but it shows excellent promise. It allows you to create server profiles, enter your user infor...

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iPhone double header: First native IM client AND first native IRC released

Big news today on the iPhone development front. This morning brings the release of both a native instant messaging client and a native IRC client. Apollo IM just entered Version Negative 1, an early beta release. It is available as well via Installer.app. Apollo IM has been developed by "Arminius" a...

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Apple IIc as a serial terminal to a Mac Mini

Hot on the heels of the Apple IIe-into-a-Linux-terminal tutorial we posted the other day, here's another mix of retro and modern-- Byte Cellar has hooked up an old Apple IIc (or //c if you spin that way) to work as a terminal to a Mac Mini. It's pretty neat-- sounds like they frankensteined the IIc'...

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IRC on iPhone

Gear Live has a nice tutorial for getting IRC up on the iPhone. You'll need Colloquy, this plugin, and about 10 seconds to spend with Terminal. Once you're done with setup, launch (or relaunch) Colloquy and point your iPhone's browser to http://YourIP:6667. Visual learners may want to check out the ...

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Linkinus IRC Client

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is the grand-daddy of all instant messaging protocols. My modest IRC needs have traditionally been satisfied by the nice donationware application Colloquy, but reader Jago writes in to tell us about a new OS X IRC client: Linkinus. The three-column interface appears attract...

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Macworld IRC Backchannel

Backchannel, noun The practice of using networked computers to maintain a real-time online conversation alongside live spoken remarks. In other words, a backchannel is a conference specific chat-room which provides a virtual round-table at which conference attendees can chat and make snarky commen...

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