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Dear Aunt TUAW: Is Ireland's 3 carrier blocking Cydia?

Dear Aunt TUAW, It looks like 3 Ireland, the one of the Irish iPhone carriers, has blocked Cydia's servers from their network. I'm experiencing errors refreshing data from apt.saurik.com and can't get Cydia to work at all. Can you suggest a work-around for those of us on 3? Help a jailbr...

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O2 Ireland defends high iPhone costs

As we reported last week, O2 is set to release the iPhone in Ireland at either €399 (8GB model) or €499 (16GB). That's approximately $605US or $757US, respectively. Consider that their cheapest contract runs for 18 months (which figures out to a minimun of €1,209) with 1GB of data p...

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O2 bringing the iPhone to Ireland

As you might have heard by now (especially if you're an iPhone fan in Ireland), O2 will be bringing the iPhone to the Emerald Isle. Starting on March 14th our Irish friends can pick up a 8 gig iPhone for €399 or the 16 giger for €499. Plans start at €45 per month and all include 1GB ...

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Griffin iTrips to be legalized in Ireland

Legalize it! That's what a number of Irish iPod owners have been hoping would happen, and it just may come to pass by the end of the year, according to BreakingNews.ie. Up until now, the small FM transmitters by Griffin technology that allow for the wireless broadcast of music stored on an iPod over...

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"Walk of shame" customer receives iMac replacement

Remember Karl, the frustrated iMac customer from Dublin who was going to prove he could walk his sick iMac 156 miles into service for replacement faster than Apple could pick it up? As it turns out, he apparently never hit the road; Infinite Loop at Ars Technica is reporting that Apple Ireland recei...

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Irish schools choose Macs for film program

Ah, the luck of the Irish. It seems that the Irish Ministry of Education and science has pilot program that brought the use of film into the curriculum of primary schools. The youngsters would create films using Apple gear, and in the process learn many valuable lessons (I assume). The program has b...

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