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Marvel bringing Iron Man's JARVIS to iPhone

On September 10, Marvel will release a JARVIS app for iPhone. JARVIS is the AI assistant Tony Stark uses in the Iron Man movies (voiced by Paul Bettany in the films) and the app is being released to celebrate the release of Iron Man 3 on home video. The JARVIS app is a second-screen app that allow...

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Former Apple Store employee creates Iron Man's J.A.R.V.I.S. using a Mac mini

Okay, there's no HUD display like Tony Stark had and it isn't voiced by Paul Bettany, but former Apple Store employee Chad Barraford has created Project Jarvis, a digital assistant that greets him, Tweets for him, and can even tell his family when he has a headache and dim the lights of his apartme...

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Flickr (err, Etsy) Find: Iron Mac

Ok, so usually our Flickr Find feature is about photographic stuff, but this was so cool I had to share it anyway. Gizmodo (via SlashFilm) found this awesome MacBook sticker over on Etsy, and I think, though the Newton one is still cool, that we have a new winner for coolest MacBook sticker ever. U...

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