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Logitech releases Mac-only webcam; cats, dogs reported living together

Apologies to Dr. Peter Venkman, but it's hard to believe that it's taken this long for a webcam vendor to encroach on the vacuum left by the discontinued iSight, even though we have hints that a new model of the Apple camera might be on the HD horizon. Logitech has now announced the QuickCam Vision ...

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Mac Automation: take and sync pictures to Apple TV

Parties can sometimes be boring, but with a Mac with an iSight and an Apple TV, you can liven up any party! In this how-to, I am going to show you how to create an Automator workflow that will take pictures at specified times and sync them over to your Apple TV, all without you ever lifting a finger...

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Back to My Mac saves a stolen laptop

A clever Mac user helped police recover a stolen laptop using Back to My Mac's screen-sharing feature. After her apartment was burglarized, the victim received a call from a friend while she was at work (conveniently enough, at the Apple Store in Westchester, NY). The friend noticed her stolen com...

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Mac Automation: create a Mail-triggered "spy cam"

Have you ever been away from your Mac, then come back only to find that your co-worker has stolen your favorite Apple pen? Well, I am going to show you how to catch them in the act by creating a Mac "spy cam." For this how-to, you will need to create an Automator workflow, AppleScript, and some Mail...

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iGlasses 2.1: improved stability and more application compatibility

It's always seemed to me that the image that comes from the built-in camera on my MacBook Pro should be more adjustable. We've previously mentioned iGlasses, a webcam utility (from the makers of the handy Call Recorder for Skype) which provides all of those missing controls. The utility recently upd...

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Mocked-up Cinema display taunts us with an update

Are we going to see new Cinema displays by the end of the month? If so, they might look like this-- it's a nice-looking mockup posted by Ben over on the redrant forums. It is interesting that Cinema displays are almost starting to match up to the Beatles as the one thing we hope to get from Apple ...

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Timelapse of iSight wakeup captures

A few months back, we wrote about reader Dylan's iSight autocapture project-- he rigged up the code to have his iSight on his MacBook Pro snap a photo every time the lid was opened (and even released all of his work as open source). At the time, he mentioned eventually combining all of the photos t...

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Found Footage: $2 multitouch screen, made with iSight

Multitouch is all the rage lately, but one of the drawbacks is that it's still pretty expensive. Enter this ingenious device-- it's a bag with dye colored water in it. That bag is then laid flat on a glass table, an iSight camera is placed underneath, the computer is coded (it appears, anyway) to l...

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iGlasses goes 2.0

If you want to customize your iSight output for chatting or video recording, there's a quick and cheap way to do it: iGlasses from ecamm network, only $9.95 for a whole kit bag of adjustments, colorizations, exposure controls and pan/zoom options. The 2.0 version was released earlier today (a free ...

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Rumor mill: August 7 iMac announcements... likely NOT true

[Update 1:15 pm -- And this is why we don't often post product rumors... indications are that this is coming from someone posing as our "reputable source," and other sites have received and debunked the rumor. We tried to reach the source for verification but were not able to do so. Our apologies if...

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MacBook Pros feature a 1.3MP camera sensor

Ken at Mac Daddy World confirmed an interesting discovery with a friend recently. Namely, the Santa Rosa MacBook Pros don't feature the same iSight as the previous MBP model Pictured at right is a snapshot from System Profiler on my own MBP (a 2.0 GHz Core Duo), above, and Ken's (a Santa Rosa model)...

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10.4.9 Adds USB Camera Support for iChat; Xbox Camera Works

Here's a nice, easily overlooked tidbit from the release notes to the 10.4.9 update that we mentioned before: Apple has added support for USB Video Class cameras in iChat without the need of a third party driver a la iChatUSBCam from ecamm. A user in the MacRumors forums reports that the the Xbox Li...

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Substitute for pricey iSight: the StealthFire

As David just posted, the iSight is enjoying a dramatic aftermarket boost, with specimens going for 2x original retail (or more) on eBay. Despite the obvious profit potential -- I have mine sitting in a drawer at home somewhere -- this strikes me as a bit weird, since there are plenty of affordable ...

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iSight prices on eBay skyrocket - will there be an encore?

Apple's stand-alone FireWire iSight may have recently gone end-of-life, but people's interest in the devices is still going strong, so sayeth eBay. While the iSight's retail price was $129, I'm seeing actual bids ranging from $152 all the way up to $280 as of this writing, with Buy It Now sellers br...

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Smile. You're on "candid laptop"

TUAW reader Dylan O'Donnell has set up his Macbook Pro to snap a picture using the built-in iSight whenever its lid opens. He put together a simple command line capture utility and triggered it with Bernard Bahr's SleepWatcher. Then he added automatic uploads via FTP and displayed the results with ...

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