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Rumor: Apple gunning for iPad trademark

Even though the WSJ pretty much broke the story on next week's tablet announcement (when the mainstream media prints something as true, it's true, right?), that hasn't kept the crazy tablet rumors from coming in. Earlier in the week, MacRumors and the no-comment-on-the-name delivere...

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Tablet rumors: 3G, dual dock connectors, user interface

Your latest serving of Apple's tablet rumors comes courtesy of iLounge, which is claiming two "double-confirmed" details about the forthcoming device: 1. The tablet will have dual dock connectors: one on the bottom just like the iPhone and iPod touch, and one on the long side so you can charge th...

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Rumor: Apple tablet said to be "iPhone on steroids"

If there's anything consistently consistent about the purported Apple tablet, it's that it's said to be, in essence, a larger iPhone. Expanding on this, Boy Genius Report cites its "close Apple contact" that claims the device is "an iPhone on steroids." Like its iPhone brethren, the tablet is said ...

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Rumor: Tablet set for Q2 launch, manufacturers ramp up

More from the rumor mill: It appears that suppliers for Apple have already begun shipping touchscreen panels and will begin shipping aluminum casings for the much-anticipated-but-unannounced Apple "tablet" next month. This, according to Reuters, implies a Q2 product launch, right in line with what o...

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Ballmer reveals some 'slate' PCs, but does not thrill

There was quite a bit of anticipation that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer would upstage Apple with an exciting new tablet design at his CES keynote last night, but it pretty much turned out to be a dud. After more than an hour of bobbing and weaving through several topics, and quickly skipping over Win...

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Rumor: Apple employee says tablet UI has "steep learning curve"

There's yet another tablet post at Cult of Mac today. This time, a reader shares info from a "friend" who works at Apple (the Internet seems rife with people who've got loose-lipped friends at Apple; friends who are willing to discuss their employer's secrets at coffee shops) regarding the tablet's ...

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WSJ: Apple tablet device to be 10 inches, "shipping in March."

Things are beginning to firm up on the specs of the rumored tablet device. According to the Wall Street Journal, who interviewed people who were apparently briefed today on the subject by Apple, "Apple plans to unveil a new multimedia tablet device later this month, but doesn't plan on shipping the ...

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Apple event scheduled for Wednesday, January 27th, NOT the 26th

Apple is toying with us. Remember the information a few weeks ago about the big event scheduled for the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on January 26th? Of course, all of the Apple bloggers and pundits jumped all over this date as being the date for the announcement of something ...

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iSlate specs "revealed." We also have a bridge to sell you.

We are publishing this purely for the sake of community interest. has published photos of "internal Apple documents" that claim to list the specifications of the impending Apple iSlate. The two-page document "reveals" that the iSlate will run "Mac OS X Clouded Leopard" on a 7.1-in...

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5 iPhone apps that will rock on a tablet

Until we're holding our Apple tablets in our hands, we can only speculate as to what the next wondergadget will do. Still, it's safe to assume that the tablet will offer more than web browsing from the bathroom. With that in mind, let's have a little fun. Here are five iPhone apps that would be a jo...

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Apple tablet team in a "cone of silence", 10.7 to be previewed

Electronista summarizes John Gruber's report that a "cone of silence" exists surrounding those developing the tablet and virtually no information comes from those directly involved. Many of the tablet team are reportedly the same as those that developed the Calendar, Mail, and Safari iPhone apps &nd...

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Fox News backs up "big" Apple event rumors for January, cites "mobility space"

Shortly after Google China's former head posted what appear to be insider details about the upcoming Apple tablet, Clayton Morris at Fox News has confirmed the Apple January event will be "big" and focus on the "mobility space." Fox's story follows up on the original Financial Times report that Appl...

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Rumor du jour: Apple ordering 10" tablet screens

Another week, another day, another round of tablet rumors for the now all-but-confirmed January event. The latest news bouncing around the Interwebs is that Apple has placed an order with panel supplier Innolux for a bevy of 10" touch panels to stick in the new devices, be they called iSlate or wha...

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iTunes Connect is still down, was due back today

It looks like the iTunes Connect team is still on "holiday break"; it was scheduled to end today. iTunes Connect is used by developers to manage their apps on the iTunes Store and to check sales of their apps. Developers have been without iTunes Connect since last Wednesday. Those who were hoping...

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iSlate has a friend -- meet the mysterious Magic Slate

The slates just keep coming. Now MacRumors is reporting that Apple has filed a trademark for a device called "Magic Slate." The term was categorized broadly to cover computers, computer peripherals, computer hardware and much more. "Magic Slate" adopts a similar naming convention to the recently ...

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