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It's a Merry Christmas for AAPL shareholders, stock at all-time high

On December 14th, I posted an opinion piece sharing my thoughts that AAPL stock would hit $300 a share in a year (for which I received quite a lot of critical feedback). Two days later, on December 16th, Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty issued a report stating she believes there is a 25% chance that AA...

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iSlate.com and the 'impending Apple slate'

As we mentioned earlier, MacRumors reported the discovery from Mark Gurman that Apple apparently bought the islate.com domain name a few years back. This name isn't so shocking when you remember the quote from New York Times executive editor Bill Keller at a meeting on October 26th about the future ...

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Video: another Apple tablet fantasy

French site Nowhereelse.fr has published some very cool video of what appears to be a multitouch tablet device. The user is browsing through an electronic version of an Ikea catalog. The device itself is very slim and seems to incorporate a multitude of Apple technologies: cover flow, shake to shu...

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