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NASA and TopCoder want you to create an iPad app for the International Space Station

NASA and TopCoder, a company that hosts programming competitions, is teaming up on a series of contests that'll develop apps for astronauts. One app challenge targets the iPad and will help astronauts keep track of the food they eat while they are working in space. The FIT (Food Intake Tracke...

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US Army developing mobile apps for soldiers in the field

According to Computerworld, US soldiers may soon be carrying some familiar devices into battle: iPhones and iPads. Two military contractors, Harris and Intelligent Software Solutions (ISS), are building applications for the iPhone, iPad and the Android platform that will assist soldiers deployed t...

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More iPods in space

A few months ago, Scott pondered how many iPods were in space. Well we have a confirmed sighting of at least one more, besides Anousheh Ansari's, on the International Space Station. Click through to the hi-res version of this pic of European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Reiter, an Expeditio...

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iPod in space

Anousheh Ansari is the first female space tourist, as well as the first female Muslim and Iranian in space. That's pretty cool. But what does a space tourist bring with her to help ease her to sleep? Why what has become a traveler's best friend, an iPod. Anousheh blogs about her experiences on the I...

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