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iSync: Who stole my software?

Actually, if you upgraded to Lion, Apple did. When you installed the new OS, Apple decided to delete Apple software that wasn't part of the Lion distribution. It's left a lot of hacked off customers who were using iSync with some older phones to sync contacts and calendars. iSync still functions ...

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No more iSync in Lion

Hey, you remember iSync, right? You there, with the RAZR, you remember iSync? I remember using iSync to somewhat handily sync my contacts and calendars way back in the dark ages when phones had monochrome screens and most iPods had spinning plates inside them. Then, one day, it quit working and j...

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Notes in iPhone OS 3.0: getting rid of that syncing feeling

When I heard that OS 3.0 was going to enable syncing of notes between the iPhone and the Mac, I was overjoyed. I use the notes app on my iPhone all the time for everything: reminders, grocery lists, and figuring out the monthly budget while I'm away from home. Having those notes sync back and forth ...

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Reminder: Apple keeps an official list of iSync-supported devices

No matter how you identify with the computing aspect of your life being able to take your contacts and calendar on the go can be pretty invaluable, especially if you have more than three friends and your iCal has more colored blocks than a Rubix Cube. But how can you figure out which device(s) on yo...

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Ghost Action GTD gets things done with iSync

As if enough GTD apps aren't already landing (or still in the oven), a new kid has just hit the block in the form of Ghost Action GTD. It takes a more basic GUI approach to getting things done, with the addition of full-featured syncing. Like Actiontastic, Ghost Action GTD syncs with iCal, but it...

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Nova Media Address Book plugin for Nokia, Sony Ericsson phones

German-based Nova Media landed on our radar last year with their iSync plugin that supports more phones than Mac OS X's default set. Not content with mere syncing, however, the company also makes an Address Book plugin, recently updated with more supported models, that allows phones from Nokia and S...

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Mark/Space releases Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 2.5

Mark/Space, purveyors of the Missing Sync line of software which allows all kinds of non-iSync compatible devices shake hands with your Mac, has released Missing Sync for Windows Mobile version 2.5. This update includes support for a wide array of Windows Mobile 5 devices. This update also includes...

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iSync 2.2

Reader Johnny W. sent this in yesterday, but it took me a while to verify: iSync 2.2 is rolled into the 10.4.6 update, and it's quite nice. A while back I had my Motorola V60 working with iSync. See, last year when I got my "new" phone, I bought a $60 cable on ebay for $20 (along with a c...

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.Mac syncing UI silliness

Today's "what were you thinking, Apple?" is brought to you by the .Mac System Preference pane, iSync and that "Sync Services wants to sync more than X% of your items" popup window. In case you can't figure out the silliness that is the image I've included with this post (and I d...

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Script to start iSync, sync devices, then quit

This Synchronize with iSync, Then Quit script is yet another one of those handy utilities that is  so obvious it makes me say "geeze, Apple really should have done this themselves." Then I realize I'm talking to myself out loud, but I don't have enough money for therapy. Moving along,...

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Entourage will receive Spotlight and iSync support by March

Good news for you Entourage users: included in Microsoft's 5-year Office promise announcement was that, with the March update to Office, you will soon be able to search your Entourage emails through the beauty of Spotlight. Keeping the surprises rolling, for all you PDA sync-happy folk out there, Mi...

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