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'Bring your own device' programs give Apple a boost in the enterprise

Programs that offer corporate some latitude and personal discretion in their technology choices are growing, said the NYT on Friday, and while the relaxing of IT standards mandates means there are plenty of market losers (HP, Dell, Lenovo, RIM and other enterprise-centric vendors), there's one big...

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MacTech In-Depth events focus on a single topic

We've been impressed with the MacTech Conference (coming up again soon) and this week the organizers announced a series of one-day seminars laser focused on a single topic and dedicated to going "in depth" on that topic. The seminars will be different each time, and they will be in different citi...

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MacTech Conference 2011 lists speakers

MacTech Conference 2011 has announced its list of speakers, and it's a great list. We already knew Guy Kawasaki would be giving the keynote, but add to that more focused talks by Daniel Jalkut, Aaron Hillegass, Andy Ihnatko, Justin McWilliams, TUAW alum Justin Esgar. Many more will be there impart...

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Wyse PocketCloud aims to get your desktop anywhere you are

If the name Wyse sounds familiar, it's probably because the company has been doing remote access since the days of acoustic couplers and 300-baud modems. Founded in 1981, it has evolved from its early days of creating 'dumb terminals' to become an industry leader in virtual desktops, giving users ...

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British MP delivers speech in Parliament from an iPad

Well, it was sort of accidental. Labour MP Kerry McCarthy wanted to deliver a speech in the House of Commons, and there were so many last minute changes to the text that she just decided to read it from her iPad. The Mirror reports the use of the iPad was the first after a rule change that allo...

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MacTech Conference 2011 announced for November

MacTech Conference 2011 has been announced for November 2-4, 2011 in Los Angeles. Registration is now open with a limited number of early bird slots available. The event will again be at the Sheraton, which sold out some nights last year. We visited MacTech Conference in 2010 and were thoroughly i...

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MacTech Boot Camp San Francisco 2011, five days left to save

We attended the MacTech Conference in 2010 and we can tell you: they put on a great conference. The MacTech Boot Camp is designed for a different audience. Instead of the hardcore IT pro, the Boot Camp experience is more for the folks who support small businesses and home users. The event is close t...

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MacTech Conference to offer Apple Certification Exams

Here's good news for aspiring Mac techs attending the MacTech Conference in November. Attendees will be able to visit a study session and take their Apple Certification Exams right there at the conference. It's a great idea, as you'll already be in a "tech-y" mood. Here's how it works. Immediatel...

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MacTech Conference announced for November 2010

Did you miss the Mac IT track at this year's WWDC, with its lively cross-pollination of Mac managers and developers? Good news, then -- there's a new conference in town, and it aims to raise everyone's game when it comes to learning about the Mac. The MacTech Conference will be taking place for t...

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Higher Ed choosing sides on iPad use

Timothy M. Chester, the CIO of Pepperdine University, discussed the ongoing controversy of how higher education has and should deal with the encroachment of the iPad on campuses throughout the country. Using information gleaned from the Educause CIO listserv, he found two camps being formed, and a b...

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Ivy Leaguers asked to lay off the iPad

No iPads for the Tigers. Princeton University's Office of Information Technology is asking students to please stop using Apple's latest wonder gadget on the campus wireless network. According to the OIT, the issue is as follows: "Network monitoring has shown that many iPad devices are causing a p...

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IT pros: Macs cost less to manage than PCs

The Enterprise Desktop Alliance (an association of several Mac-centric IT vendors) recently surveyed 260 IT administrators in the US to find out which computing environment is cheaper to manage: PCs or Macs. It turns out Macs cost less to manage than PCs for 65% of the IT admins surveyed. 19% of sur...

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3GS has 99% satisfaction rate, AT&T not so much

A recent customer survey (of only 200 customers -- what are these surveys getting away with only 200 respondents?) claims that the iPhone 3GS has a 99% satisfaction rate. A full 99% of 200 polled iPhone customers claim that they are satisfied with their purchase, while 82% of them claimed they are "...

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WWDC Demo: Server Admin Remote, a remote server admin tool for iPhone

Seems a little redundant, doesn't it? What else would an app named Server Admin Remote do? Well anyway, if you're in the market for something to remotely administer your servers (to a point), particularly Mac OS X servers, this is one handy and powerful tool. View logs, enable services, even reboo...

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Kerio MailServer 6.7

Yesterday, amidst the SlingMobile débâcle and an OS update, Kerio Technologies released Kerio Mail MailServer 6.7. The mail and collaboration server, often used as a replacement for Exchange, has added several new features, including a few geared toward Mac users. The Kerio Global Addre...

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