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Our iTablet Dreams: What TUAW is wishing for

Last week the topic of the iTablet ranged into dream territory as we TUAWians discussed this speculative post over at Technologizer. Although some team members expressed reservations about the iTablet and its possible limitations, others of us let our hopes range free. With apologies to Robert Brow...

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The history of the mythical iTablet

Stefan Constantinescu of IntoMobile has written a lengthy piece dissecting the long, tortuous history of the Newton II/Apple Tablet/iTablet/Tablet Mac. It's a pretty comprehensive look at seven years worth of speculation, rumor, outlandish analyst claims, more speculation, more rumor, and event afte...

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Hackintosh netbook compatibility updated

Boing Boing's gadget blog has updated the list of potential hackintosh netbooks. You can ponder the whole thing or cut to the chase: "...get a HP Mini 1000 or a Dell Mini 9/Vostro A90." While the Mini 9 has been discontinued, the Vostro A90 is apparently a rebadged version of the highly hackable Del...

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AppleInsider: Apple tablet finally coming next year

So, apparently the Apple netbook/tablet is coming. No, don't stop reading. According to AppleInsider, after four years, the long-awaited successor to the Newton is on its way. No, really, they're not kidding. The supposed netbook, which appears to be an iPod touch on steroids, is part of Apple's 2...

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TUAW Watercooler: Apple's next big thing

The internal email list for all the TUAW bloggers is a busy place. Some of the best conversations from the list, including musings, rants and raves, don't ever appear on the site. Today we wanted to give you a taste of one of those conversations, about Apple's 'next big thing.' There has been plenty...

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Mahalo Daily visits the ModBook folks

Our good friends at Mahalo Daily took this short look at the Axiotron ModBook, which (you've probably seen) is a modified MacBook that's been turned into a tablet computer. I learned a couple of interesting things about the device -- first of all, it's not a touchscreen, it's really a tablet, which ...

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Due diligence on the Asus/Apple tablet rumor

We should probably have some due diligence on the latest rumors streaming around the Apple blogosphere, so here you go: CNET is claiming that Asus is helping Apple build a sweet new Tablet PC. This is just the latest in a long line of rumors about an ultraportable, and we've heard this so much by no...

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Original i-Tablet being sold on eBay

I don't know if I should be sharing this with you (because I kind of want it myself) but Joseph DeRuvo Jr.'s i-Tablet, built in 2004, is up for sale on eBay. If you don't remember, TUAW and Engadget covered the i-Tablet when it was released. Since 2004, the i-Tablet has become a sort of holy grail o...

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