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Daily Update for November 13, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Fl...

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Apple accused of tax fraud in Italy

Reuters is reporting that an Apple subsidiary in Italy is currently under investigation for tax fraud. According to a judicial source cited by Reuters, authorities in Italy are currently investigating whether or not the Apple subsidiary in question hid US$1.34 billion in revenue from tax authoriti...

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Apple adds free iBook offer to Apple Store app

At the beginning of August, Apple launched a new free-content program in their Apple Store app, kicking things off with a free download of Color Zen. Today the latest piece of free content has been released, and it should make parents of small children very happy. The over-the-air update allows us...

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Apple adds movies in the cloud for Japan, others

Apple has continued their global expansion of iTunes in the Cloud for Movies with the addition of eight new markets for the service. Movie fans in Austria, Estonia, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Switzerland can now re-download content they've previously purchased in iTunes from th...

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Apple's warranty practices questioned in Belgium

Belgian consumer watchdog agency, Test-Aankoop/Test-Achats, is not happy with the AppleCare protection plans offered to customers who purchase Apple hardware. The group has filed a complaint that claims Apple doesn't properly explain consumer rights when it markets and sells these warranties to...

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Italian authorities fine Apple again over warranties

By now, Apple should be pretty familiar with Italy's standards regarding product warranties, but it seems that despite already being fined roughly $1.2 million, the company's troubles are not over. AppleInsider reports that after being hit with the fine, Apple continued to push AppleCare's two-y...

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Apple won't sell AppleCare in Italy, updates warranty terms on website

Apple and Italy's Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (Competition and Market Authority) have been at odds for a while over the AppleCare Protection Plan. The European Union requires sellers to provide a two-year mandatory warranty on products, and fined Apple US$1.2 million...

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Tour Italy via your iPhone or iPad

Fotopedia has added another luscious app in its travel series. Fotopedia Italy is a free universal iOS app that is like a coffee table book with some interactive features. The app features a large collection of high-resolution images optimized for the Retina display and iPhone 5. A Trip Builder...

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Apple faces potential suspension of sales in Italy

Apple is in hot water in Italy over its warranty policy, which does not comply with Italian law. Apple products come with a free one-year warranty that can be extended with the purchase of an AppleCare warranty. Under Italian law, the company is obligated to provide two years of free warranty s...

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iPad online shipping times drop to one week

Apple's inventory of the new iPad is holding up well, especially in the US. Unlike the iPad 2 which faced shortages when it launched, the new iPad is readily available. Most US retail stores have at least one model of the iPad in stock and the online store is steadily improving shipment times. ...

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Second Apple Store in Rome preparing to open

Apple may be opening a second Apple Store in Rome and will be celebrating the grand opening on Rome's birthday, says a report in iSpazio. The new store will be located in the Porta di Roma shopping mall and will open on April 21, 2012, the date when Italy will commemorate the city's founding in...

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Nielsen: More people use tablets, smartphones while watching TV

A recent report from Nielsen shows that folks in the US and UK enjoy using their mobile devices while watching TV, while those in Germany and Italy prefer to do one thing at a time says a report in CNET. Up to 88 percent of US tablet owners and 86 percent of US smartphone owners use their d...

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Apple preparing to build Italy's "most important" Apple Store

Apple has a handful of stores in Italy, but none will supposedly compare to the store Apple is building in Via Roma, Turin. According to a report by Italian website Macity, Apple is planning a flagship store that could become one of Apple's most important outlets. The Via Roma store will occupy ov...

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Apple features 'communication to protect consumers' in Italy

Apple has apparently complied with a recent ruling by the Italian government that the company did not do enough, when selling its extended one-year warranties in stores, to let customers know that its products already came with a two-year warranty, as per consumer laws there. The company has poste...

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Italian court denies initial iPhone 4S ban

Samsung has lost another battle in its ongoing patent war with Apple. Its request to have iPhone 4S sales banned in Italy has been denied by the Italian courts. This comes barely a month after France similarly denied Samsung's request for a sales injunction against the iPhone 4S. Samsung had ...

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