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Apple fined in Italy for poor communication around warranty policy

Apple has been fined 900 thousand Euros by the Italian Antitrust Authority [Google translation], citing unfair business practices against consumers. Specifically, the ruling cites two offenses against Apple, Apple Sales International and Apple Retail Italy. First, the judgement says that Apple's...

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Megaphone, a big honkin' amplifier for your iPhone

There are a lot of powered amplifier docks for the iPhone and iPod touch, and sadly most of them are lacking in beauty and originality. Italian design firm en&is is bucking the trend with a unique unpowered amplifier that is a large, swooping ceramic horn. The Megaphone ranges from €...

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For the third weekend in a row Apple opening three more stores

This weekend will mark the third time Apple has opened three stores in as many weeks. That's nine new stores in only three weeks -- quite an expansion and, you guessed it, almost a third of the 30 new Apple Stores the company plans to open this quarter. The new stores opening this weekend are...

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Apple Stores to open in Italy, Australia, Canada on Saturday

Two more Apple stores will be opening Saturday. The first, as reported by, is in Florence, Italy's I Gigli. It's the sixth Apple store for the country. Meanwhile, Cheltenham, Victoria in Australia gains an Apple Store in Westfield Southland. This is the 12th store in Austral...

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Vintage Apple-1 up and running

An original Apple-1 sprung back to life during a presentation at the Polytechnic University of Turin in Italy this week. Hand-built by a then young Steve Wozniak, the vintage computer was purchased by Mark Bogle for US$211,000 as part of a high-profile Christie's auction. Despite its age of 35 ...

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Apple to open new stores in Italy

Apple is planning to open yet another new Apple Store in Italy, this time in Sicily, according to job adverts spotted on the company's website. Along with job ads for the new store in Bologna, Apple is looking for staff to work in an as-yet unannounced store in Sicily. Local newspapers are spec...

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Construction to begin on Apple Store in Bologna, Italy

Above is a street view shot of the site where Apple will be breaking ground on an all new Apple Store. It's right smack dab in the middle of Bologna, Italy, a place where I'd imagine you probably shouldn't believe anything you hear. According to the Italian La Repubblica, the store will take up t...

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Italian Tourism official not too happy with iPhone travel app

iPhone travel app What Country describes Italy as "Pizza, Mafia, Pasta and Scooters." That isn't sitting too well with Italian Tourism Minister Michela Vittoria Brambilla, who says that the app's description of her country is offensive. She is threatening legal action against the developers, Apalon ...

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iPhone 4 prices from around the world

Now that the iPhone 4 is available around most of the world, iFun designed this interesting little infographic that compares the various prices of the handset around the globe. Note that all of these prices are in Euros, and that they all reflect the out-of-contract price -- because the US iPhones ...

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Found Footage: Honoring Apple from 1976 to the Italian introduction of the iPad

In honor of the Italian release of the iPad, iPadItalia has created one of the best Apple-oriented videos I've ever seen. In 10 minutes (yes, it's quite long for this type of thing), the video lovingly covers Apple from its origin in 1976 right up to today when those in Italy, and many other coun...

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Flickr Find: Apple Store Carosello opening in Milan, Italy

Ahhhh, Milano! The name makes me think about the Milan Cathedral, La Scala, fashion models, and the aggressive drivers in that city. And now, when I think of Milan, I can also fondly think of the new Apple Store Carosello. TUAW reader Filippo sent us a link to his Flickr gallery of the opening earl...

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Rumor: Australian iPhones will be unlocked

A little birdie flew into TUAW Headquarters (read: Scott's Philadelphia apartment) this morning. In fact, he flew all the way from Australia to tell us that Vodafone will not be the exclusive carrier in Australia. "What's that, little bird?" we asked. He said that Aussie carriers will have their own...

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Italy will have two iPhone carriers

Earlier today we learned that Vodafone has been tagged to carry the iPhone in ten countries, including Italy. Shortly after that announcement Italian communications company Telecom Italia announced that they, too, will carry the iPhone. Neither company provided any more detail than that, so exactly...

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Mambo Italiano: iPhone for Italy looking likely

Euro-iPhone purchasers note: there's something in the wind that says a 3G, revenue-sharing-absent and exclusivity-free iPhone may be on the way shortly for Italian (or iTalian) buyers. An article at La Repubblica indicates that the iPhone's arrival in Rome may be accompanied by a new sales model: no...

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Second Apple Store planned for Italy

Italy's first Apple Store opened this past March, in Rome. Today, setteB.IT is reporting that another Italian store is planned for a mall in Marcianise. We say "planned" because the mall that will supposedly house the store hasn't even been built yet, but is scheduled to open in September of this ye...

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