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US International Trade Commission to investigate Motorola claims against Apple

The US International Trade Commission announced on Tuesday that it will look into Motorola's claim that Apple is infringing on patents that cover messaging notifications, location-based reminders, media playback and more. According to a Computerworld report, the ITC will assign the case to an a...

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Kodak/Apple patent dispute ends badly for Kodak

Struggling US photography pioneer Kodak was dealt a major blow when the International Trade Commission ruled that its color image preview patent, No. 6,292,218, was invalid, according to the Wall Street Journal. Kodak hoped to extract money from companies that were not licensing the patent and ...

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HTC can't use Google patents to challenge Apple

Last year, HTC obtained eight patents from Google and used them in its legal fight with Apple. Now, an ITC judge has thrown out five of the patents saying that "HTC failed to acquire all substantial rights in the relevant patents," says a report by FOSS Patents. Administrative Law Judge Thoma...

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FTC urges ITC not to ban iPhone, iPad and Xbox

The Federal Trade Commission took on the growing problem of injunctions in a letter addressed to the US International Trade Commission, according to a report by CNET. The letter was meant to dissuade the federal agency from approving import bans in patent and trademark infringement cases that i...

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ITC rules against Kodak, in favor of RIM and Apple

This is strike two against Kodak at the US International Trade Commission. CNET is reporting today that administrative Judge Thomas Pender reaffirmed a decision from last year which stated that neither Apple or RIM were infringing Kodak patents. "I hereby reaffirm on remand that no violation of...

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HTC handsets delayed at US customs due to ITC injunction over Apple patent

HTC confirmed to The Verge that its One X phone for AT&T and EVO 4G LTE handset for Sprint are being held at the border by customs officials. The shipments are being delayed while the government agency reviews the packages in accordance with an ITC ruling that banned the import of HTC's And...

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ITC judge: Apple infringes on Motorola mobility patent

In a setback for Apple, the International Trade Commission ruled on Tuesday that Apple infringes on one of Motorola's patents. The patent describes a "method and system for generating a complex pseudonoise sequence for processing a code division multiple access signal." ITC Judge Richard Pend...

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Apple loses ITC ruling against Motorola Mobility in patent infringement case

Florian Mueller over at FOSS Patents noted yesterday that Apple's patent infringement case against Motorola Mobility has been dealt a nearly fatal blow in the courts of the United States International Trade Commission (ITC). The suit alleged that Motorola Mobility was infringing on three Appl...

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Apple seeks to broaden HTC import ban

While Apple won a partial victory in December in its patent battles with rival smartphone maker HTC, the scope of the ruling was both fairly tame and narrow enough for HTC to develop a workaround a mere two days after the ruling. According to FOSS Patents, Apple filed an appeal against the Internat...

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ITC delays ruling in Apple suit against HTC until Dec. 19

The International Trade Commission has delayed its ruling on the pending patent case between HTC and Apple, according to HTC itself. This is the second delay on the ruling, originally set for December 6 and then moved back to this week, which is now set for release on December 19. Apple of cour...

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Apple's patent win over HTC will be reviewed by U.S. Trade Agency

According to a report from Bloomberg, the ITC will re-examine an earlier decision that HTC infringed on two Apple patents. The six member commission has the power to either overturn or confirm the original decision. If it's upheld, this could lead to a ban on the sales of HTC's Android devices ...

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Apple's complaint over Samsung Galaxy Tab earns ITC review

Apple's "look and feel" patent infringement suit against Samsung has gained the attention of the International Trade Commission (ITC), which has the power to block imports of products if it determines they infringe on patents. According to Bloomberg, the ITC usually takes 15 to 18 months to com...

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Kodak may sell image patent in Apple lawsuit

Kodak may sell the image previewing patent that is the subject of a US$1 billion infringement lawsuit filed against Apple and RIM. This patent is one of 1,100 patents that Kodak is looking to sell as it tries to raise cash. Analysts estimate these patents may be worth more than $650 million, th...

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Google's Eric Schmidt claims Apple litigates, doesn't innovate

Google's Eric Schmidt spoke at a mobile conference in Tokyo and addressed HTC's early loss to Apple in a patent infringement case. Schmidt believes HTC will prevail and is "not too worried about this" case. He also added that Google will "make sure" HTC does not lose this case. Schmidt didn't s...

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ITC rules for Kodak in Apple patent infringement complaint

The ITC handed down its final judgment in a patent infringement case Apple filed against Kodak. In a setback for Apple, the panel let the initial decision stand and ruled in favor of Kodak. On May 12, ITC Judge Robert Rogers found one of Apple's patents was invalid and that Kodak did not violat...

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